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April 3, 2022
The best treatment I’ve tried

I’ve had acne since I was 14. At first it was mild, but after going off birth control for 3 months when I was 19, I developed cystic acne all over my cheeks and jawline.

I’ve tried everything. A multitude of prescription creams, antibiotics, accutane, retinoids… some of these things helped, but came with side effects, and certainly didn’t cure it. My Doctor told me my acne was hormonal and suggested spirolactine, but I didn’t want to deal with the side effects.

I’m now 27 and up until I started the tea usually had between 3-5 large cysts around my chin/jaw/side of my cheeks, and around 5 smaller pimples in random spots.They were painful and unsightly.

I found multiple studies showing spearmint reduces androgens. So I began drinking it everyday. After about a month my acne had improved significantly, but I still didn’t believe it could possibly be the tea and stopped drinking it. My acne returned. Now I’ve been drinking it every day for 6 weeks and my cystic acne is more or less gone. I notice a pimple here and there, but nothing compared to before. I do have to drink it everyday otherwise I notice pimples popping up.

I personally have 0 side effects. I HIGHLY recommend trying it if you’re a woman with hormonal acne, it might just be the cure for you too!



November 14, 2020
Love it!!!

i will share my story first: i was on birthcontrol since i was 15. When i got 18 i suddenly developed very bad acne. I did not know where it came from so i decided to quit with birthcontrol. My acne cleared up so fast and i was so happy. I thought that i defeated the acne problem and that i could continue with beautiful skin. Well i was wrong!! 6 months after quitting birthcontrol i got the acne back. And this time it was worse, i was so sad and i tried almost every supplement there was. I knew it came from the inside and that it was hormonal. 


So i tried DIM and after two weeks i saw a small improvement, but i still got breakouts. After a month my skin was again a little better but i still got breakouts and i had a lot of texture. I continued taking the pills but things stayed a little the same, so i decided that i wanted to combine it with spearmint tea. And oh boy, i’m so glad i did. I’m now drinking two cups of spearmint tea and i am taking 250 mg of dim daily and it helped my skin so much!! I’m now drinking spearmint tea for a little longer than two weeks and my skin is so much better. My skin is not perfect yet, but i have been taking DIM for two months and spearmint tea for a little longer than two weeks. I really hope that my skin will clear up completely but I finally have hope again! 


Just get pure loose spearmint tea and not from the supermarket but from a tea store. That way you will get 100 % benefit from spearmint tea.

June 12, 2018
Great add on!
Great add on to your acne skincare routine. My topicals keep me clear of most of my acne. I drink organic spearmint tea night & morning to normalize my hormornal levels. I can actually enjoy pizza and other dairy without worrry because of it. I still get a couple spots on my chin around my time of the month but no big deal
May 2, 2018
Great if you have high androgen levels
Since my acne was mainly caused by high androgen levels, drinking 2-3 cups a day for month cleared up most of my acne which I could not get rid of for 2 years. It may not work if you have acne due to other reasons or other hormonal imbalance, but it works like magic for me.
September 16, 2017
Its not that strong for my hormonal acne
I drank 4 cups a day for 2 months. No improvements whatsoever. Its good for anxiety tough. Also, drinking that amount of tea is exhausting.
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March 6, 2016
Works great for chin acne for me (a woman)
If you have chin/jawline acne, it's likely hormonal. Frontier food coop sells it in bulk on [link removed], loose leaf. Have been drinking a cup most days (though sometimes I forget) for several months and it works awesome! Combined with Ylang Ylang essential oil I apply daily along my jawline. But... Sadly I have acne on my forehead that needs some other type of treatment. I think it's actually dermatitis.
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March 1, 2013


antiandrogen, tastes good, inexpensive


not for those with normal/low testosterone

I should point out first, that if you're having horomonal acne, this is not an instant cure. Hormonal acne and of course other manifestations of acne are internal causes stemming from many cases. For me, quitting sugar and alcohol, alone with refined carbs (most carbs in fact), using neem oil, and the tea have resulted in great changes in only a few weeks. When integrated into a whole body detoxification process, combined with an eating lifestyle and exercise, can be incredibly healing.
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April 14, 2011


tastes good; reduced menstrual pain; lighter, shorter periods


didn't see an appreciable difference;
feeling depressed;

I couldn't take spearmint tea consistently enough to see whether it gives results. Even drinking just one cup a day for several days, I begin to get headaches and feel tired and even moody/depressed. The most I've been able to do was one cup every day for two weeks--I hoped the side effects would eventually decrease, but they seemed to get worse and were eventually unbearable. I've experimented with the spearmint tea routine several times now so I'm quite sure the tea is the culprit for these symptoms. Disappointing since my acne seems to be very much hormonal--I was hoping this would help. However, I'll still drink a cup of it occasionally, no more than once a week. It doesn't help much at that dosage, but I figure it can't hurt anything either.