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December 16, 2018
Still trying out

I just started using Himalayan salt so I will document any results in a week or two

January 3, 2019

Hey there! Please let me know how your sea salt routine is going! I am also trying it out :)

June 18, 2018
It's been almost two weeks since I started using sea salt on my face and I can def see a difference. I've always had pore acne, not too bad but I can't go out without make up, also everytime I get my period at leats I get two medium size zits... These past days I've seen and felt my skin so smooth (that never happened to me before) and not oily at all (that is also one of my biggest problems). I totally recommend it!!!! Give it a try!!! PS. I use it twice a day (after taking a shower in the morning and at night after removing my make up).
May 9, 2018
2 days in with great results
Hi! On my way back from a vacation to Florida, I thought about how the ocean made my skin clear up. (My skin has been THE WORST it has been in a really long time...and I blame it on Clinique's 3 step system for oily skin AND I blame myself bc I didn't make sure that it didn't have salicylic acid it in, which it does and which always Fs up my face!) Anyway, I've always noticed that the ocean made my acne better. Btw, I'm almost 30 and have oily skin. So I thought, what if I put salt water on my skin? I didn't know if that was a thing or not, but I googled it and found that it is and LOTS of people say it works. I'm kind of annoyed bc I've tried sooo many different products, some from Sephora which have been really expensive, when my entire life I've known that SALT WATER clears my face. The cheapest fricken thing. Ugh. So I bought Himalayan pink sea salt from thsalt grocery store (by the spices) for $'s about th size of a can of soda. I boiled water, put 1 cup in a mug, added 3 spoonfuls salt, mixed it until it dissolved and poured it into a spray bottl that I got from the travel section a the grocery store. I've sprayed it on my skin, let it dry, wait 5-10 minutes and then washed it off with water, 2x a day. Then put lotion on. Also- I washed my face beforehand. TWO DAYS PEOPLE AND MY SKIN HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH. I really hope that this is "it" for me!!!
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March 23, 2018
By far the easiest, gentlest and most effective treatment
This is honestly a god-send! I suffer from deep hormonal acne on my chin (not super severe but has gotten progressively worse over the last four months) along with some small surface bumps. I have tried SO many methods from harsh cleansers, almond oil, sugar scrubs, antiseptic creams, tea tree oil, mud masks, honey masks, EVERYTHING and nothing has been successful. If anything, these have made it worse. I started using the sea salt method four days ago and it is already making a massive difference. I have four or five large red, painful cystic acne spots on my chin and they have now either come to a head (and been squeezed) or have gone down significantly. It doesn't dry my skin out (surprisingly!) and feels very calming and natural. The salt is an antibacterial AND drying agent, without stripping the skin so its been wonderful. My method: Fill a small mug with warm tap water - around 3/4 cup (doesn't need to be boiling! just warm enough to dissolve the salt). Add 1 level teaspoon of salt. I use iodised sea salt (the big chunky crystals of sea salt) from the supermarket. Mix it in until dissolved. Make sure face is clean and dry and hands are also clean! Dip your fingers into the salt water and massage the problem areas. Keep dipping and massaging for around 2 minutes! Then pour the rest of the water onto the problem areas and let it air dry (no not rub off with a towel!). Let the salt stay on the skin for as long as possible (a few hours or even overnight is ideal!) and then rinse with clean fresh water. The redness should go down and the skin should feel clean and dirt free. Cannot recommend this enough!
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January 2, 2018
I've been traveling to Florida & I get fresh sea salt water from the OCEAN. I bring it home in water jugs. I boil the WATER for 30 minutes. Then, I pore it INTO a spray bottle, after it cools. I use it on my face & neck, I spray on morning & night time. So far the results ARE Amazing! I have a skin disease & this is by far the BEST Remedy, I've EVER USED for my skin condition. I will continue using OCEAN water & doing my observation. So far So good. HAPPY New Year!🍻🍾🍷🎉🎉🎉
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November 2, 2017
A nice addition
I only use sea salt dissolved in water a couple times a week and sometimes follow the application with moisturizer, depending on how my skin feels, but I believe the sea salt helps with my existing pimples and also tempers upcoming acne. It's such an easy-peasy thing to try that while it hasn't vanished my acne, it was definitely worth a shot. Contrary to my expectations sea saltwater didn't sting/burn, made my face horribly red, or make my skin unbearably dry. Just one more little piece in the puzzle of controlling my acne, and I'll take all the pieces I can get.
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July 9, 2017
The ONLY thing that helps me!!
I'm one of those cliche people that have tried "everything." I have hormonal acne which is sometimes cystic, most of the times just painful zits that eventually come to a head after several days. Also, since about May, my cheeks have become extremely dry. Like thick, chunky dry skin. Which is odd for me since I've always had oily skin. I was reluctant to try this sea salt remedy because I didn't want it to dry my skin, so I started using it as a spot treatment. It works WONDERS. I've struggled with hormonal acne since I started my period in high school and I've NEVER found anything that helps me. I find that if the zit is small, like a tiny clogged pore, it dries up before my work day is over. If it's a cystic or larger zit, I apply the sea salt water about 3 times a day and it will be a head by the next day. I'm from the south so even on perfect days, the humidity is at 70% or higher. I recently went to New Mexico and whatever dry skin I had amplified. I started using sea salt water as a toner twice a day and my dry skin is GONE. This remedy may not help prevent acne 100%, especially hormonal. Personally, I dont think anything can prevent hormonal acne at those times of the month. But it definitely helps when you do get acne and helps with dry or fungal problems you may have. I give this a 5 star rating because it's the ONLY thing that topical that has EVER cleared my skin!
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October 19, 2016
I'm using sea salt for seborrheic dermatitis (aka facial fungus/yeast/dandruff) AND acne
So let me start by saying I'm 45 years old, have had acne issues since my tween years, have tried most everything. Before I get into the sea salt I'd like to say when I quit smoking and using any form of nicotine that got rid of at least 50% of my acne issues right there. Still its abit of a problem however minor now. My new problem that's come up in the last 3 years is the facial dandruff. I don't have it on my scalp just my face. It started around the mouth area and has to spread to pretty much the entire face. I've tried several prescriptions from the derm, lots of natural things like essential oils. Some of it helped, some not. I read a blog where someone swore by sea salt and I"m like what the heck, I have that in my kitchen let's give it a shot. I love how my face looks and feels! Like other reviewers have said, redness has gone down, black heads seem to purge out the hard oil, and acne goes away. Strangely it doesn't dry out your face (issue I've had with prescription drugs). I am sticking with this for sure to see how it performs in the long run, but so far it has improved the appearance of my face and the facial dandruff is mostly gone. Sadly I"ve had stuff work and over time it quit working, I'll have to see if that's the case with sea salt, I hope not!
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November 30, 2016
Thank you for this comment! It was very helpful, as I have a similar issue. I have a few questions. How do you apply the sea salt? How much salt do you use? How long time did it take until you noticed a significant difference?
September 19, 2016
Take a swim at the beach!
I didn't grow up near a beach but while studying abroad, I lived close to one and I was at the beach all day, every day. It worked MIRACLES on my skin!! I mean, I was getting compliments left and right and was always being asked what I did. That had never ever happened to me before so the sea salt had to be the cause. It dries up acne within that same day of going to the beach!!!! Also, if you picked and got a scab, tap some sea salt mixed with a bit of water on it and it'll heal in no time! I will definitely be living near a beach after graduation so that I can have clear skin 5ever. Whats even better is that it costs nothing! Stop getting those $100 peels and just go for a swim!
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September 7, 2016
Ocean trip
I've been struggling with acne for about 10 years now (I'm 24 years old). I have very oily skin and a lot of redness in my cheeks. I've tried every kind of wash and toner I can think of and have spent hundreds of dollars in the past year alone on washes, toners, moisturizers, and face masks. Recently I went to visit a friend at the beach and after 12 hours of driving my skin was oily and shiny. We went to the beach (without showering) and when we got back to the car about 2 hours later, my redness was completely gone. I bought a jar and took some salt water home to use and I haven't had a white head in 3 days! My face is less red and it has even pushed my blackheads to the surface so that they sort of just come out with a little rubbing. This is the best thing to ever happen to me and I definitely recommend giving it a try. I put my water in a spray bottle and just soak a cotton ball to apply. I leave it on all night since my skin is so oily, and I don't have any drying issues. I can't believe good skin was so easy to obtain!
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October 11, 2017
Why did you grab a jar from the ocean when you can just mix regular salt with water?