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August 19, 2015
Amazing but not for all
This treatment is amazing but should be treated with caution with sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and my spots inflamed* however they were smaller ! I recommend this as a once a week treatment, if not at all for those with sensitive skin. Don't scrub it in and splash the water, with Cornish sea salt in it* on your face and air dry. Depending if your spots are cysts then leave on over night. If you only have irritating bumps then a few minutes. I have tried this once and doing so again now, I hope it works. By the way 3 star is my rating because it can either horribly damage your skin or work amazingly !!!! * most treatments will inflame your skin if you have sensitive skin, test everyone for a night then go back to a cleanse tone moisturise routine if it has bad effects, if it has good ones then use every other day. Exfoliating with sensitive skin is a bad idea what so ever so don't use this as an exfoliant !!!!! * I say Cornish sea salt as it is gentler on the skin and dissolves more easily, when I swim in the Cornish sea my skin looks great when I get back home (Be warned this remedy may sting a lot- especially if your sensitive so don't necessarily take it as a bad sign) USE WITH CAUTION !!!!!
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August 9, 2015
Go for a swim!
It has improved my back! ( a bit ) Swimming on the ocean, or just taking a shower with unrefined sea salt, makes you feel relaxed
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November 16, 2011


clears spots and blackheads and makes skin feel softer


didnt have any

during the summer last year i used to goo to the beech for a swim everyday, and i only realised now why i had so little spots compare to now i taught it was just stress from school ! :)
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August 26, 2011


made my skin look smoother/better but that might just be my opptomism


feels kind of sticky after a while

i just started this today, actually like 20 minutes ago and my skin looks a bit better but that could just be me hoping that would happen... my skin felt rilly soft though! i will try to keep posted though. wish me luck:) ps. my acne is more lightly moderate than just moderate but they dont have an option for that so...
May 8, 2009


Drying (in a good way)


Stings like a bee

Just close your eyes and do it
September 27, 2008


Works at healing old acne instantly.


Hurts SOOO bad.

Try it. It hurts alot!!!