Plain Yogurt

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Cultured grade A milk. Contains active yogurt cultures including L. acidophilus.

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October 2, 2017
A miracle!
I've battled with acne, oily skin and rosacea för 30 years and finally found the remedy for them all. I only wash my face with lukewarm water, pat it dry, apply and massage a table spoon of yoghurt until it's completely absorbed. Wham, bang - my face is smooth and peachy soft! I do this morning annd night and hence sleeps with like a mask. During the day my face never get's that shiny look and stays matt and smooth. Why didn't somebody tell my about this miracle cure thirty years ago? If I return to soap and acne-fighting lotions my problems a back within days.
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April 22, 2017
Saved my skin
My skin was rough; it was dry and oily, i had a bunch of clogged pores, my cheeks and forehead were always itchy and red, and pimples kept disappearing then coming back. Then i used plain yogurt. Holy crap. When i first tried it and washed it off, my ski nhad never been softer (it was always dry). Within a week those bumpy pores had been refined (very small now). My skin is so smooth. Not only that, but the redness has disappeared and my clogged pores are virtually gone. DONT USE ANYTHING EXCEPT YOGURT. i left my moisturizer, and as soon as i did,my clogged pores disappeared within 5 days. I left my cleanser too,and my irritated skin disappeared. I have a few pimples still after 2 weeks of yogurt, and thats normal with my teenage years,but its not even close to severe (all over my face) like it used to be. Its just like a small pimple here and there, which i use a gentle spot treatment for, but my skin tone has improved so much in a week. So smooth.
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October 4, 2016
Life saver! Natural really is better
I've been using this for some months and it has definitely reduced my closed comedones and made my skin look much better. I'm using this as a cleanser/mask every night like it says in an article [Edit] called "Wash Your Face With Yogurt And Your Skin Will Thank You (Plus, It's Not As Gross As It Sounds)" (Try to google this) Not only has it reduced closed comedones but also made my skin tone even and made it less red. Every night before bed, i put this on my face and let it dry for 30 minutes and wash it afterwards. I have quite an oily t-zone so i usually don't wash my face in the morning. This is something I probably would do for the rest of my life!
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March 28, 2017
How long before you noticed any changes
June 28, 2017
@larregin7 from the frist day u will see the brighting effect. After 1 month people will start asking you what r u using on your face 😊
June 21, 2016
Instant skin brightner
Superb! Try applying yoghurt mask for instant skin brightening. Try any one of the following- Believe me it just works. Fyi..I have a sensitive , combination skin and suffer from rosacea and acne. 1. 1 tsp each honey, turmeric, lemon juice with yoghurt. Make sure to include the water that yoghurt leaves as that it is probiotic. 2. 1tsp each tomato, cucumber and aloe juice with yoghurt. This can be used as a de-tan. If you can tolerate gram flour ( chickpea flour) add a teaspoon in 3. Equal quantity of mashed ripe banana, oatmeal and yoghurt with honey-Softens the face . Try them and do let me know your comments.
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February 14, 2018
Lemon juice really really shouldn't be used on the face! The ph is really acidic and can be damaging to skin. Honey however is really good, especially manuka, if you're not sensitive to it, sometimes it can actually cause pimples. Aloe vera is another great skin care ingredient, very soothing. Oatmeal can also be good for sensitive or eczema prone skin. Just no lemon!
May 25, 2016
Wow! I just tried my first few yogurt masks this week and my skin feels AMAZING! I just slather plain full fat yogurt on my face, leave on for 20-30 minutes and rinse with water and pat dry. I don't wash afterwards so that the residue is left behind on the skin. Even after the first one I felt a noticeable difference; my skin is so soft. Best mask I've ever used! Love it! And so cheap.
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January 2, 2016
Okay, if you mix it with honey and cinnamon and sugar it smells good and it is really good for your face.
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October 26, 2015
Does not help acne, but smooths skin
I've used this alone, and i found the next day my skin was really oily with residue. I now mix it with my oatmeal scrub with a little honey and it definitely helps with redness and smoothness. Has it worked for my acne? no. But it is gentle and you're better off using something like this rather than lemon, aspirin etc.
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August 24, 2015
Got to love the natural way
Plain yogurt is so good for acne prone skin and definitely for dark spots. The funny thing is I don't consume dairy but I do use it as a mask along with tumeric root powder, honey, lemon juice and gram flour. All of those combined worked wonders for my cystic acne. My face has never looked better and I only break out with very minor bumps during my menstrual cycle. I also tried yogurt mask by itself and it has really helped keep my skin moisturized and even toned. Plus, no more dealing with huge, painful, red bumps on my face.
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January 29, 2018
How many days did it take for you to see the results on cystic acne? I have huge bumps on my cheeks and yesterday I read about yoghurt mask. I am going to try it everyday on my face. Do u use any cleanser for face before applying the mask? My face is getting oily by evening and I am not sure other to use yoghurt mask on a cleansed face or not.
March 5, 2015
Lovely lactic acid
I have tried a number of brands of plain yoghurt for a face mask and all of them have behaved pretty much the same, so this is not a specific review for cannon. Just make sure the yoghurt is completely PLAIN. No strawberry flavoured yoghurts slathered all over your face please. And also that the yoghurt is full fat. You wouldn't buy a watered down face mask from the drugstore, and this is no different. Yoghurt masks work because the yoghurt contains lactic acid, which essentially exfoliates your face without irritation. It is also a humectant which attracts and retains moisture in your skin. Very similarly to honey but with more of a soothing effect. Lovely. I have become a firm believer in only using products that you would be happy to eat, so I was excited to try honey! On my first application of the yoghurt mask I found it to be incredibly soothing and cooling, especially straight from the fridge. However I did notice a slight stinging the first few times I applied it, baring in mind that this was when my skin was VERY dry, so it may just have been the lovely lactic acid eating away at all that dead skin. I found that after the mask my skin was smooth and felt moisturised (but not so moisturised that I didn't have to use a moisturiser, thus the 4 star rating.) If I had any recommendations for yoghurt it would be to ALWAYS do a patch test on an acne prone area of skin that you can easily cover, wait for 24 hours, and if you see no adverse side effects, proceed with the full application. Also, a little tip, if you have some honey that is a little out of date, even better! The lactic acid content in the yoghurt increases when the yoghurt is just a little past its sell by date. So go ahead and use it on your skin (we're not talking mould here, use it within 5 days of the sell by.) Hope that's helpful!
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March 28, 2017
How long before you noticed it was actually working
December 11, 2014
Try it!
This has really helped even out the discoloration in my skin so far. I've used it a few times and already see an improvemt in my completion. I wash my face with warm water and a gentle cleanser rinse, pat dry and then apply to plain organic yogurt! It really has already improved the darker marks in my face and reduced redness I feel it tightening my pores when it drys on my face if you have acne this will help with redness but remember with survere acne seek a dr they can give you antibiotics which can reduce acne a lot. I'd say this is nice for marks and redness in blemishes. I LOVE IT so easy and affordable doesn't leave my face red and sore like other acne products which are harsh on the skin. I recommend to anyone struggling with marks and reducing the appearances of them
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