Neutrogena : Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin

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Water, Cyclomethicone, Cetyl Caprylate, Glycerin, Cetyl Ricinoleate, Stearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG 100 Stearate, Acrylates Copolymer, Lysine Carboxymethyl Cysteinate, Lysine Thiazolidine Carboxylate, Tocopherol, Silica, Xanthan Gum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Benzalkonium Chloride.

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September 16, 2019
most economical product that works decently well

i'm an asian male 30+ and i had mild acne for the past 7 years or so. i have been using this for the past 2 years or so.

the thing is, i stopped using it, and stopped using benzoyl peroxide treatment gel for 1 month because i was trying out la roche posay effaclar series, thought id give it a try. it was ok but after a month, my acne problem turned from mild to moderate/near severe! i had cystic acne on my chin and cheeks, it was crazy! i had no choice but to switch back to this moisturizer after washing my face + benzoyl peroxide treatment gel, aka the regimen but substitute the moisturizer with this one. i felt that moisturizer is good but i just got sick of the smell and the level of absorbent of it is not as good as Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin moisturizer. it doesn't sting and it has a very neutral smell, nothing crazy, no perfumes and most importantly it is non-comedogenic.

i can't stress how important it is to be patient when it comes to treating your acne, i understand why a lot of people gave up, i almost gave up but i pulled it through and i honestly think that its because of this moisturizer + benzoyl peroxide for the past 4 weeks or so. most people will just quit and use other stuffs.

July 22, 2017
So far so good
This is a great moisturizer for acne prone skin. I never applied any creams before because I felt like it just makes my combination skin more oily and prone to breakouts, But after trying this, it seems to work. No breakouts so far and does feel very light weight and it is cheap! However, I do think it's suitable for only combination to oily skin as it doesn't moisturize the skin too much, which is perfect for me, but not for everyone.
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May 9, 2015
Good Moisturizer, Not Greasy or Heavy
I've used this moisturizer on and off for more than 10 years. I'm not religious with moisturizing because I don't like the feel of creams on my face, and I have had pretty inflamed acne over the years. What I like about this moisturizer is that it doesn't feel like a greasy cream on my face, and after some minutes, my face doesn't feel weighed down by product. I don't think it's ever contributed to active acne, or to causing new acne. This is very different from their other moisturizer with the SPF - I did not like that one at all. What I don't like about the oil-free for combo skin is that in the first couple hours, if my face sweats, I can feel it bead out of my pores and sit on top of the moisturizer layer. Nothing a light dabbing with paper towel or other absorbent tissue can't fix, though.
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December 31, 2012


-Good moisturizer
-Won't cause you to break out


-Expensive for amount
-Can be a little greasy

I like it, but only use it when needed. It's an expensive moisturizer and you can go through it quickly if you are using it 2x/day.
December 17, 2012


Matte effect (kind of)
Not greasy

It works. Some moisturizers irritate my skin and make acne worst. This works well and consistently so at such a great price. I use it daily with cetaphil foaming wash and bp gel. i have been using it for over a year. I noticed an improvement in shine or oil balance in about a week and since then it has been great.
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April 26, 2012


Moisturizes fine
prefer its texture
absorbs well and relatively quick
leaves no thick, tacky feeling like many moisturizers
does not sting or irritate
does not cause breakouts for me


Small bottle/finishes faster than I want
would like it to leave more matte finish and less shine after it absorbs

This is a very very well made product with balanced formula, texture, absorption, feel and bottom line it moisturizes! I have been using Neutrogena combination skin for 10 years now and no other brand can match it!
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June 17, 2011


- Nice design
- Moisturizes perfectly for spring, summer, and fall
- Can go over powder without messing it up completely
- Light and non greasy


- Still causes shine
- Expensive (in my opinion)
- Isn't thick enough to stop intense winter drying

I have not found anything better, but this is not perfect either. During the winter, I switch to Burt's Bees because this just doesn't get the flakes to stop. Other than that, it works great under makeup of every type and appears to rub in well. Not to thick, not overly greasy, the consistency has been nice for me overall.
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August 20, 2010


Does not cause break outs
Not oily
Absorbs quickly


Skin feels dry shortly after application

After spending a lot of money on several different products and finally doing research on which ingredients to avoid for acne prone skin, it finally came down to getting this one. Neutrogena Oil Free Combination Skin. I tried the Sensitive skin formula which really clogged my pores and the SPF 15 one also caused breakouts. There are several lists online of ingredients to avoid and I was completely in shock to see that although Neutrogena claims to be oil free and to not clog pores, their products contain some of the worst pore clogging ingredients on the list. However, Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Combination Skin has only a couple 'bad' ingredients which are considered 'low level cloggers'. After researching each product I had bought and some I had read good reviews on, this one won hands down on the ingredient list. I've been using it for about 2 months now and have had no problems at all and have had no new break outs. Although it makes my skin feel a little dry sometimes, it doesn't actually cause dryness. Great product!
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August 17, 2010


Leaves skin supple and smooth
No scent
Sanitary pump bottle


Sometimes you have to press the pump more than once

A great moisturizer for daily use for people with combination/acne prone skin! I definitely recommend this if you have combination skin ONLY. This formula might not be enough for oily skinned folks to be matte all day.
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April 7, 2010


- Moisturises skin
- Non-oily
- Non-irritating (no fragrance)
- Makes the face look matte (gets rid of shine)
- Does not cause more break outs
- Leaves skin refreshed
- Great for combination skin


- It somewhat feels like it's just sitting on the skin

It does what a moisturiser does. :)
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