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June 3, 2015
Topical magnesium

I had very good success with topical magnesium. It comes in a spray bottle and you spray it on your skin and rub it in. I started with a low dose and didn't notice much difference. But, then I upped the dose (went from three sprays a day to five), and I noticed an improvement. Then I upped to ten sprays a day and noticed even more improvement. So, I could really see a clear reaction to this. I wasn't taking any other supplements or changing anything else about diet or lifestyle. Then, after doing a hair mineral analysis, I found out I was deficient in calcium and started taking calcium. When I added the calcium to the magnesium, I got completely clear. I also found I actually was deficient in Magnesium based on the test. (a lot of people have an excess of calcium, especially if you take a vitamin D supplement, so you should probably KNOW if you really need it or not before starting in on calcium supplementation). I did my testing with Dr. Garrett Smith, look at his [Removed] page to read interesting stuff about Hair Mineral Analysis and what it can do. I think it can help people hone in on the root cause of their acne really well. No guessing, you will KNOW you need a supplement when you start taking it, instead of guessing. But, from what I understand, almost everyone is deficient in Mag, so you could take that without testing. Maybe people who have a bad reaction to taking magnesium may have a sensitive stomach and the oral mag irritates the stomach which then in turn gives them more acne? I am just conjecturing, but I had such a good experience with the topical mag and have read that almost everyone is deficient in this mineral, because it is hard to absorb enough from food, especially if you don't have almost perfect digestion. So, getting things topically or absorbing tinctures directly into the blood stream by placing them under the tongue are good ways making sure your body is actually absorbing what you're trying to give it. I am a 26 year old female and have been struggling with acne since I was 11. This is like the first time ever I have been 100% clear without being on tetracycline. Be careful with D vitamin supplements. Read some of the studies posted on Garrett Smith's [Removed] page for more information.

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June 3, 2012


Reduces stress - results in less stress induced acne
Reduces PMS symptoms
Feel healthier
Clearer/brighter skin
Soft silky hair


Cost $
Have to remember to take them everyday

I have been taking one tablet a day for the past six weeks and my acne has greatly improved! I used to suffer from cystic acne and now it is fading! I have used magnesium in a combination with other supplements (fish oil, multi). My hair is now soft and silky and my skin is dewy, soft and I have no new cysts! Magnesium is also great if you're a woman and suffer from PMS - it reduces PMS associated weight gain, along with other benefits. It also reduces stress, which can be a major contributed to acne.
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