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June 27, 2016
Cool Touch Laser
I suffered with acne on and off my entire teenage and adult life. Approximately a year ago, I went off my birth control pills for medical reasons which caused my acne to start again. I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed Spironolcatone 100mg/day and Minocyline 100mg/2x per day. I was also prescribed Aczone and Tazorac over the course of a year. The medications helped some, but did not control all of my acne. I still needed injections for some cysts which would appear around my time of the month. I was very frustrated especially since the birth control was keeping my acne controlled. My dermatologist recommended another skin care center which provided the Cool Touch Laser. She knew of some patients which were getting positive results. I purchased a series of 4 sessions which I received on two week intervals. After the first session, I did not notice any changes. After the second treatment, my overall skin appeared healthier and less breakouts. After the third treatment, my overall skin looked great and only got one minor pimple which healed within two days. After the fourth treatment, my skin looked much better and my acne seems under control. It did not completely clear my skin, but during my time of the month I only got one small pimple which healed quickly. I haven't had any cystic pimples since the second treatment. Since this regimen seems to be controlling my acne right now, I go back once a month for a treatment. We will try to lengthen the time going forward to determine how long the results will last. The laser treatments are very pricey but worth the money in my opinion. I wasting money on treatments that didn't work for a long time. I am also using Dr. Obagi's Clenziderm facial wash, Hydrate moisturizer, and sunscreen. I love the moisturizer and sunscreen. Doesn't clog my pores at all.
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June 22, 2011


It was quick
Put my makeup right after
No redness or swelling



I read a lot of reviews about the cool touch treatment and i was a bit hesitant to 1. spend the money and 2. possibly have worse acne as some people said happened to them. well two weeks ago for some reason a cystic pimple decided to pop and i was left with a hole in my face, i can not exaggerate this truth. thats when i decided that i didnt care about the price, my derm told me it was the best treatment out there so 4 days after i had it done. probably took about 15-10 mins, painless and quick. i put my makeup on and went to work, no one knew. i worked the 9 hrs came back home washed my face, my cystic acne seemed to have decreased. i had to re-apply my makeup as i was going out for the night, i was a bit worried about that but when i woke up in the morning my face was soo much clearer. the previous scars/craters i had on my face are fading. its not even been a week since and i am truly loving the results and have made my appointment next month to re-do it as it can take 3-4 to see BETTER results. ONLY two new pimples have appeared but its nothing compared to what i had before. give it a shot if your looking for derm also recommended other medicines to take so hopefull the combination will work!
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March 4, 2016
How much do u spend for the treatment?
July 4, 2009


No downtime. Not as painful as most procedures. You get a double wammy because it stops the acne and helps improve scars too. Helps to produce less oil and bacteria and shrinks pores.


Can be expensive. First laser pass a little painful. Takes a little while to see results.

I just had my first procedure today and I have 4 more laser treatments to go and included with my acne face package are 5 acne peels and also my chest done too where you can get breakouts. The first pass with the laser where they spot treat the active acne hurts like a rubber band snapping on you but they gave you numbing cream to dull the pain. Before I had the procedures I purchased the recommended medications and I already saw a great improvment using just those. I think with all the factors considered my skin is going to come out great.
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February 23, 2007


somewhat painless, kind of like a rubberband snapping, i had the palomar light treatment.

i have only had one treatment, saw somewhat immediate smoothing results, but the texture and oily skin on my face were still well-apparent. i will update this as soon as i go in for the 2nd treatment. i have tried everything from retin-a-micro to accutane, benzaclin, nothing has worked.
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