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December 2, 2018
Keeps skin balanced

I use jojoba to clean my face and also moisturize, and I once (temporarily) cured my acne with this (after using for 4 months together with a drop of oregano oil). Then I tried different cleansers and products and broke out again, whereafter I started using retinoids and benzyl peroxide etc to get rid of it, which helped for a while but soon lost it's powers. I am using this now again instead of all these products know since it helped me before. Even if my acne can't be completely cured by jojoba it's a great moisturizer and my skin feel really soft without being oily afterwards. I feel like it controls the oil and that I need it to keep my skin under control. I recommend! But if you have a lot of acne, or the persistent type (like me) you might want to add other things too, like BP or tea trea oil. 

September 23, 2018
Made an account simply to review this product. I had suffered with acne from age 11-21, from small whiteheads to huge cystic pimples. I spent my time researching and trying all sorts of remedies. I told myself as soon as I found a system that worked, I would post to help others. And FINALLY I found it!! My skin is almost completely clear and smooth. Here's the routine. Morning: -cleanse with unscented Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap -moisturize with jojoba oil Night: -remove makeup with jojoba oil and steaming hot washcloth -cleanse with Dr. Bronner's -moisturize with jojoba -apply a thin layer of vaseline all over face I SWEAR this routine has transformed my skin! Please give it a try!
May 31, 2018
Loove this but...
IDK if I have the wrong brand or what but it mostly gets all the plugged junk out but it takes forever rubbing it on my face. I mix it with moisturizer in the mornings too before makeup and works great!
April 15, 2018
Miracle Oil
I have been using Jojoba oil at nighttime everyday for 2 weeks. I saw a noticeable change in my acne, pigmentation and texture of my skin within a week. My skin now has less acne scars and no other products i have tried worked as much as Jojoba Oil did. Give it a try if you have pigmentation from past pimples. Also hoping it will help with my very oily skin.
January 26, 2018
May be worth it for some
Upon starting to use jojoba oil on your face, your skin WILL purge! It could take your skin a month to settle down. If your skin likes this oil, after that time it should clear up some. Jojoba is pretty good to hydrate your skin. However, breakouts continue often because of internal reasons. Also, some people's skin will never like this oil and will only be broken out by it. Worth a shot if you are willing to try and don't have many other options, but it just wasn't worth it for me to keep using it. Best moisturizer I have ever used - Renee Rouleau Skin Recovery Lotion. Yes it is expensive ($40 for a small bottle) but it is the best. Only negative thing I have to say about it is that I wish it was a little heavier it's really light and sometimes I need more hydration.
March 5, 2018
December 1, 2017
Great to keep oily skin at bay
I first used jojoba oil a couple of months ago and I have not had an oily face since the first day I used it. I used organic jojoba oil from a health store and I've also used dans from the regimen and I didn't notice a difference between them they were equally great. I use it underneath my moisturizer, I apply the oil first and then my lubriderm. Works great
October 27, 2017
Oily Skin No More
I used to have such oily skin on my T-zone, especially my nose, and after using this jojoba, my face is so much more balanced. I might still have some oil on my nose at the end of the day, but I'm saving so much money on oil blotters after buying this oil. I would use three to four blotters a day before this. Now I might use one. I buy mine through Mountain Rose Herbs. They are based in Oregon and have so many products for people wanting a more natural life. You should really check them out. (and no, I'm not being paid to say that nor do I work for them)
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October 5, 2017
Regretting it
I don't know if I believe in purging anymore that notion has gotten my skin to the point where it's lost a lot of clarity and I suggest anyone using products unless there retinoids or whatever(not familiar with those) to stop using them because purging could just mean it's causing more harm than good. On to jojoba oil it broke me out immediately and clogged pores all around my nose looks like milia I'm very upset. Do I recommend it? No but it might work for some but I mainly just use water to wash my face
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October 20, 2017
I hate to hear that jojoba oil didn't work for you. Try hemp seed or argan oil. Good luck randymenlay!
September 17, 2017
love this oil
I love jojoba oil! It has a thinner consistency than olive oil or other oils, like castor oil. It's supposed to be the oil that's the most similar to your sebum. So i found that after consistent use of jojoba oil, my sebum production was much more regulated. It also serves a great moisturizer too!
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July 13, 2017
I guess this is not for everyone and it really depends on your skin type. My skin is super, super sensitive and mixed oily/dry. I mostly get huge breakouts in my jaw line and cheeks and I have large pored and blackheads on my nose. My acne is very hormonal, I always get uncontrolable breakouts before I got my period and half-way through my cycle. And also when I'm stressed (I also pick my face a lot when I'm stressed). If you relate to this, it's worth trying jojoba oil (or other types of natural oils). I bought the Fushi unrefined pure jojoba oil, they have a table that indicates the best type of oils for your skin type. When I bought it I was pretty sure it was going to break me out massively, but within two days all my spots were gone. It's been two months now and my face it still pretty clear. I still get spots, especially when I can't resist to pick my face, but they don't spread and are gone much quicker. I still have blackheads but they take much longer to build up. It didn't do anything for my millia though. But overall I'm so happy, I have had acne since I was 12, I'm now 28 and my skin has never looked this good since I was 12. Here's what i do: At night I take 8 drops of the oil and rub my face with it with my hands. Really scrubbing where I know dirt accumulates. I don't even remove my make-up because the oil does the job. Then I wash my face with neutrogena acne facewash beause you don't want to leave any dirty oil behind. Then I use two drops of oil as moisturizer. I stopped using toner because I felt I was stripping to much hydratation out of my skin. Same with make-up remover. In the morning I clean my skin with a very very gentle cleanser (VERY gentle) and then I use a no fragance gentle moisturizer with a drop of oil. I still use a clay and /or a peel off mask once a week. Other changes I did were to keep a towel just for my face and use a clean one every second day. I also change my pillowcase every 2-3 days. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this!
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