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Colloidal sulfur (2%), salicylic acid (3%), palm oil base (fortified with Vitamins A and E), natural vegetable-based moisturizer.

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October 29, 2010


it's worked so well for so many people, kept my face relatively oil free for most of the day (I have VERY oily skin). Kavi customer service is excellent!


BE CAREFUL!!!!! Take at least 2 weeks off BP, use just Dan's moisturizer and wash 2x daily until you are ready for Kavi coral---otherwise you will breakout from using antiseborrheic products simultaneously!

I was on Dan's regimen for almost a year up until last week. My skin was the best I've seen in about 10 years---almost completely clear---I realized (I'm 25) and I've been on BP for many years and I've been experiencing some signs of pre-mature aging due to all the dryness of my skin. I called Kavi and they said it's not good to be on BP long-term so I decided to give the coral a try because of all the rave reviews. It was day 6 yesterday and I've been progressively breaking out more and more ever since day one washing 2x per day. Just BE CAREFUL, because when I called customer service back they said it was because I was on BP for so long that it was too harsh on my skin to switch from one product to the next. I'm going to slowly ease back into it because I really want to believe their products work. Please let me know if any of you ran into this same situation!
July 21, 2009


seemed to help with inflammatory acne quite quickly
bar form is easy to use and non-messy
did not cause redness like BP


caused comodonal acne
dried my skin too much

I was so excited when I started using this. I bought the soap, toner, and SA 8% peel. After 1 week, the 4 huge nodules I had at the start were gone and my pores looked more refined. On day 14 I got a massive outbreak of whiteheads all over my face. I thought it was a rash since I've never had comodonal acne before. Kavi support told me to reduce my useage to 1x/day (I'd been using it 2-3x/day)...but my face never cleared up. A month later I decided that it wasn't working. As soon as I stopped and went back to BP, the comodones started clearing. I'm still trying to undo the damage though.
July 16, 2009





Didn't do anything for my face. I religiously applied it for two weeks, three times a day. My acne keeps slowly getting worse. Do not believe the "hype" about this product. Most of these reviews seem too good to be true anyways.
June 25, 2009


lasts long


really doesn't do anything

didn't do anything for my skin