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Colloidal sulfur (2%), salicylic acid (3%), palm oil base (fortified with Vitamins A and E), natural vegetable-based moisturizer.

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August 28, 2014
My skin is sandpaper
Totally dried me out and caused some breakouts. I was also using the kavi salicylic acid peel so I'm not sure which one I got the breakout from but definitely dissapointed. The reviews on here were really good so I was hopeful
October 20, 2012


Doesn't smell of sulfur
Bar lasts long
Lathers nicely
Rinses clean


No decrease in oil production
Dries out the skin (nothing a lil moisturizer cant fix)
No decrease in acne

I really wish I could promote this product... I wanted it to be my miracle. When I first started it, my skin felt amazing. Soft, breakouts seemed to be somewhat under control, then as I got more into the bar, my face started breaking out terribly. First with papules (flesh colored bumps that stick around FOREVER.. and if you try to pop them/remove them they turn into big reg angry zits). I saw no reduction in oil production. The outter layers of the bar are mostly SA and the soap base, and the more you get to the center of the bar you can visually see all the little deposits of sulfur.. my guess is that maybe the sulfur is causing the breakouts for me.
February 20, 2012


Helped with body acne (bacne)


Dried out face
Made me break out
Whiteheads everywhere

I read all the great reviews on Kavi products and was excited to try them out. Unfortunately, I was left very disappointed. The Coral soap was way too harsh and drying for my skin, it made me break out with a ton of white heads on my face. And my skin is NOT sensitive. It did help with my bacne though, I used on my body with decent results. Way too strong for my face though.
January 2, 2012


cleanses fine, cheap


didn't help acne, smells awful

despite what some will tell you, the sulfur smell lingers, even if you wash w/ another cleanser afterwards (I must have an overly sensitive sniffer, but I certainly can smell it even hours later). but for me, it just didn't work. i've used a prescription sulfur product w/ great success in the past, but I seemed to gradually become resistant to it, as it eventually stopped working. perhaps i'm now resistant to all sulfur? my own experience aside, you should dfn. give it a whirl. its cheap and has some powerful ingredients in it. ( i dont think it's too natural, though..)
January 1, 2011


Soap lasts a while
Cleans skin


Acne didn't clear
Ordering online

I have had pimples for about 10 years now. I didn't get real acne until last year. I've tried so many products, from proactiv to tretinoin. My skin continues to break out. I was only clear for about 2 months (except for scars left over from tretinoin) while using Bactrim- but antibiotics aren't a long term solution. I tried coral Kavi with high hopes. I went through 2 soap bars and nothing changed. My face was still shiny/oily in the day (and yes I washed face 2x daily). I still got big pimples. I was using it by itself for a month, and because no results were seen, I started using it together with BP. Still didn't clear up. Everyone's skin is different, so I would recommend trying it at least b/c of all the other good reviews. For me, this made no difference.
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July 17, 2009


Nothing Good to say about this product


Used it for 4 days and everday i got a new painful pimple. This product has definetly been overhyped and overated.. Also dried out my skin and just made it feel overall unhealthy..

If you wanna take the risk and use this product go ahead but i personally will never ever use this product again. I dont know how so many people found this product helpful. Going to try Lbris skincare line next