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December 28, 2015
Could of been worse but it was bad
I have teenage, acne prone skin. I have moderate acne! I thought i would use coconut oil and go down the natural route as it made so much sense to me. At first, my skin looked calmer and fresh. 2 weeks later, and i have just stopped using it and dissapointingly went back to my usual cleansing routine. I persivered through the clogged pores, small whiteheads, and just bumping skin especially on the forehead as i was convinced this was the 'detox' effect, but i just cant bear it any longer! It also seemed to bring out my acne scars? To be honest my skin was a mess, i realised this when looking back a pictures before using the oil and i couldnt believe how clear my skin was. It has just set me back! It rated 4 therefore blocks pores, i hear it works on some people though maybe those that are not acne prone.
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October 26, 2015
Clogs pores, good for hair though
This clogs my pores and breaks me out like crazy! All these dumbasses commenting "cleared my acne in a week" are lying. Acne cannot be cured with anything topical. It must be internal. However, i do recommend this for hair growth. It has helped alot with growing my hair!!
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December 15, 2014
Made me break out
yeah... what a bummer. Tried SO many times, even mixed it with green tea but still made me break out. Wasn't meant for my overly-sensitive skin. :(
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September 16, 2014
Great oil, but not for acne
Let me start by saying that I love coconut oil. Eye makeup remover, moisturizer, hair conditioner... But it is simply not a good choice for acne prone skin. Every oil has a comedogenic rating (how likely it is to clog pores) ranging from 0-5. Zero doesn't clog pores, 5 is very likely to clog pores. Coconut oil is around a 4. More beneficial options for acne prone skin would be hemp seed oil or jojoba oil, rating a 0 and 2 respectively. But by all means, keep slathering the deliciously scented coconut stuff all over your legs and hair :) Great moisturizer! Here are some sites with more information. They didn't cite their sources very well, but the info is consistent with everything else I've read: [link edited out] removed] [link removed]
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December 30, 2013
Okay, but not for me


Smells great
Helped a TINY bit


Didn't work in the long run

I've been suffering with acne for about 5-6 years now. It has increasingly gotten worse. I've made some changes in my diet (gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free) and have been taking gut supplements along with zinc, adrenogen, and B-activ. If I'm not consistent with these, my acne is HORRIBLE. As of now, it's pretty bad, on my cheeks and forehead. I've been using coconut oil for almost two months and I'm planning on discontinuing the use of it. The first week, I went through the purging period and to was horrible, but I stuck with it. The second week remained about the same. The third week, though, was AMAZING! I saw a lot of my acne spots diminishing and reducing and my skin hadn't look so good for a long time. After that, though, it went downhill. I'm not sure if this is due to diet inconsistencies mentioned above, or if it was from the coconut oil, but I've definitely not seen any improvement, just worsening. Coconut oil is not for me, but it may be for you.
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November 17, 2013
No good


Smells good
Makes coarse thick hair shiny


Causes small whiteheads
Rosacea flare ups

At first I thought this was a god send product then out of no where I started getting these tiny white bumps all over my cheeks. I do have rosacea but my skin was looking so beautiful I had it under control but needed a moisturizer so I heard how good Organic Coconut Oil was for an array of things including the skin so I tried it and regret it. :-( however it is great on my 8 year old daughter hair and smells great but wouldn't recommend for skin unless u don't hAve sensitive skin
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October 9, 2013
I think this stuff ruined my skin


it does calm redness
good for body


clogged pores
dry patches

AHHHHHHHHHHH I had read all about how awesome coconut oil was for acne & anti aging. So a year ago I bought a jar of virgin unrefined cold pressed organic coconut oil and started washing with it & slathering it on my face. I broke out but figured it could not be the coconut oil its too awesome right? So I kept using it thinking my acne was caused by something else............welll...nope..pretty sure this has ruined my skin It caused larger pores, black heads, acne on places I never broke out before (my cheeks) ,dry patches, skin coloured & red coloured rash looking stuff as well I will say it works fine on my body ANYWAY I have only stopped using it completely for two days & I think my skin is starting to look slightly better......IF YOU USE THIS AND BREAK OUT ALL WEIRD STOP IT NOW STOP IT GO BACK PUT THE OIL DOWN IT IS NOT FILLED WITH THE KISSES OF ANGELS NO MATTER HOW GREAT EVERYONE SAYS IT IS
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May 21, 2013


Softens skin
Reduces inflamation and redness


Clogs pores
Worsens conditions
Long lasting negative affects

Hold on, step back and think about this before you lather up. This is oil, thick and slippery. Kind of like the oil you naturally produce. Coconut oil is nutritious and loaded with vitamins, but it is also an oil. Any dermatologist would scream "NO" about adding it to and already oily face. I tried this for about four days. I steamed my face with coconut oil and a dash of turmeric, then washed it off with soap. Day one looked good, my skin was soft and the redness was going away. Day two was even better, most acne fading and even smoother skin. Day three small pimples started appearing. Day four and I was back to where I'd started (but with smooth skin.) I figured I'd better stop, and now I have acne worse than before I started. I believe that although I washed my face the oil penetrated so deep that it is still causing problems weeks later. You can try this procedure on a small area of skin and see what happens. Don't jump in with your whole face until you can say for sure that this will/wont help. Honestly I'd advise against. Save the coconut oil for your split ends and dry hands. It shouldn't go on your face if you have acne problems. Instead opt for tea tree or thyme oil (which are much less dense than coconut oil, so they won't clog pores).
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January 23, 2012


Cheap, easy, natural


messy, doesn't fully absorb so your skin looks oily. didn't really clear my acne.

I think coconut oil works moderately well. I used it for a long time with some results, but no miracles. I do really like the fact that it is natural. After using coconut oil I started some research into natural face products and I found this AMAZING company called In Love with Bodycare. They use coconut oil in a lot of their products, along with other natural ingredients. These products have seriously changed my life. My skin is always completely clear now. I haven't had a break out in a year. I can't even express how awesome the face wash and lotion is. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS. I am someone who has tried everything, and I this is the only thing that has worked 100% for me. I know how awful it feels to have breakouts and this really, really works. Please check this company out, it is so, so worth it.
October 15, 2011


Cheap, natural, good for hair apparently.


highly comedogenic, oil shine after application, oily pillow

I read the rave reviews and bought the extra virgin unrefined coconut oil from GNC. I used it basically as a moisturizer after applying toner. 2 weeks later, I had a MASSIVE breakout and NO this was not my skin purging itself. Why? Cos I broke out in places I had never even had acne before. It's the worst. It may work for some but if you have oily skin, watch out.