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November 27, 2017
It works but be ware!
I get Hormonal acne I am an adult over 30! My skin is normally clear but all of a sudden I got lots of breakouts for over a month and because I'm a picker it left black marks. I tried everything alo vera, vitamin C, lemons ECT... but I didn't give up because I'm a fighter LOL so my next thing was trying baking soda. I've tried baking soda before and it irritated my skin really really bad. This time I read an article that you mix it with vitamin E oil or Rosehip oil or vitamin C cream natural. I did this as a spot treatment only once again only use it as a spot treatment not all over your face is too harsh for your whole face. I woke up the next morning and my acne dark marks were noticeably lighter yay! 😀 Never use it on open sores or already pop pimples wait until they heal. While they're healing spot treat with Desitin diaper rash cream with zinc trust me. Next morning I woke up and my scars were lighter I'm going to do it again. I have supersensitive skin I advise if you do have supersensitive skin like me be careful and make sure use a light oil like rose hips after put right on after you wash the baking soda off. But don't leave the Rosehip oil on all night leave it on for about 20 minutes and then take a warm towel and wipe it off . I also use black African soap and it's very effective for keeping new bumps from coming on and drink plenty of water at least 10 cups a day good luck everyone if I have more news I will share you do likewise .
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May 31, 2017
It works great but Use with cautions
Has anyone experienced pinkish skin it totally clears your skin within a month of consistent use but it's left me with pinkish skin anyone know how long it takes to subsided? I came back to this to help people i feel like i owe to other suffers because i hated life during the time i had severe acne so i came to say after washing with it your face will be red compensate by applying aloe vera from a leaf for 10 minutes wash off and apply coconut oil for a few hours and wash off and apply lotion personally i sleep with it on some people it clogs there pores but i dont feel like that and thats that im a very oily person all this will help the proccess. Eggg white mask !! They help as well
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March 21, 2017
The best!
I love using baking soda for acne marks. It takes a while, but it does work. What I do is make a paste and apply it to my spots. I let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse and moisturise with coconut oil. I do this every night!
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May 7, 2016
Not for everyday use, but don't overlook the benefits
Just like any other "natural" item in your war chest of acne fighters, this is not meant for everyday use since it can mess with the pH balance that skin needs. I am a huge fan of taking a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV with the "mother") and a mouthful of water chaser before bed to help control my acne. I've been on antibiotics for 10+ years to control cystic acne and wanted OFF of them as they began to make my teeth grey and joints stiff. So I'm down to the lowest dosage and nearly off of them now that I have a long term routine with these three things: #1. I wash my face only with warm water. Yup! I wash it well, but rarely use any cleanser on any area except for mascara. And yes, I do wear foundation or mineral powder and yes, the water cleans it off. This is two years in practice along with #2. ACV as mentioned above for nearly a year. And when I have a break out area, #3. I lightly rub it with baking soda and rinse off. I don't let it sit on my face for any longer than 30 seconds. I repeat it in the morning and that's it. ACV on your face, or alcohol, or peroxide, or witch hazel are all short term solutions and all work to varying degrees. But using anything everyday will throw off the natural balance your skin needs to get clear and stay clear. Try washing with just plain ole' water for a few weeks and let your skin do the work it was made to do along with these other little helpers and see if you enjoy the same results I'm getting. Hope this helps!
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July 6, 2016
they have a face wash towel at sephora. you just wet it. it's called 'the makeup eraser' towel, and from what i've seen, it works wonders.
April 5, 2015
please advise what to do next .....
I had acne from 7-8 years mostly on my cheeks went to dermatologist many times, after 2 months medication acne reduces but after 5-6 months when i stop the medication it starts again. one day i read about baking soda and i started using it. Before going to bed i used to apply baking soda with water paste for 10-15 minutes and after that coconut oil to moisturize for almost one week. it gave me fairer skin and my acne spots were lighten now. i was very happy after one week i had to go for party so i used Ayur cucumber face pack for 10 minutes. next day morning i got 4-5 pimples on my cheeks and one big one between my eyebrows. red and white it was painful. after that i am not using any thing on my skin. i am afraid to use any thing on my face. i am confuse shall i use baking soda again or not. :(
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June 7, 2015
You said that the baking soda was working but later in the week you used another product on your skin. Maybe that is the problem. Not the baking soda. My philosophy is the simpler the better. Oh yeah and plenty of water and little stress. Stress actually has a lot to do with our bodies' biological reactions. What we can detect on the outside is only an affirmation of a process that we would otherwise be completely unaware of internally. Hope this helped.
February 23, 2015
Baking soda for my cystic acne
I rarely get normal zits and I occasionally get black heads. Most of what I get is large cystic acne caused by a hormone imbalance. I use proactive as well as keep my face clean but the cysts prevail! I make a paste of baking soda and water and put it all over my face because I read about it on several sites. I kept it on for about 20 min. It burned a little that's why I give it 4 stars. When I woke up in the morning my swelling from a few spots were reduced, and one that was emerging and becoming painfull retreated! I suggest trying a spot on your chin before you enduldge in a full mask so you don't burn yourself if you're sensitive.
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January 7, 2015
Good and bad side....
Okay. I found a recipe on the internet for how to get rid of black head. Being myself, went and tried it. I put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a bit of water to make it a paste. I put my head over boiling water to open my pores. Once i did that... i applied it to my face! At first it was a stinging sensation and then it sort of dried but not fully. I knew something was wrong, so i went back to the bowl and washed my face with a war cloth and warm water. It had tightened my pores. It also on the other hand was really smooth. I recommend if you are using this... to put a toner or a moisturizer on STRAIGHT after you wipe the scrub off. SO you get your PH evel up in your face!! The good side is that my face has never and i mean never been this clean. Its so soft and No blackheads after my FIRST GOOO!!! I thought that was amazing!!
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December 9, 2014
Great spot treatment for oily skin!
I've heard a lot of love/hate for this, but let's calm down. Baking soda is really cheap, even if you get organic/natural. All I do is put some water on my finger, dip it in the box, and apply it to each wet pimple after washing my face. However, you have to be careful not to get the paste on the rest of your skin or it will dry it out. Leave it on for less than 5 minutes, and use a washcloth to wash it off with cold water. Apply a toner if your skin is too dry. I do this no more than once a day.
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October 21, 2014
This does really works :), i suffer from bad skin like pimples i break out almost evry time but this has help out a litle bit i still have red spots but thats okay :)
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October 14, 2014
Works great for acne prone skin!!
I've tried it and it works great!! After applying it for more than 3 times, you can see the redness on your skin reduced and the pores are reduced in size. But not forgetting you need a great cleanser and sunscreen as well. Also, drink plenty of water and sleep!! If you are serious in removing acne, you need to follow the acne tips.
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