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October 29, 2012


Dramatically reduced acne in a few short days
Leaves skin soft and glowing


Burns skin if left on too long/used too frequently
Detrimental to acid mantel

For the first five days I used a baking soda + water mask on my face, morning and night for three minutes. Then I'd take my Spectro Gel Cleanser and massage that over the mask for two minutes. After rinsing, my skin would be soft, glowing, redness in skin reduced, swelling in pimples reduced, and the large deep acne spots would be much less painful. After five days of this my forehead was clear for the first time in two years. :):) The rest of my skin was clearer by at least 50% as well, which is HUGE for me. I now only use it as a spot treatment every two days, and occasionally as a mask, since long term use of baking soda on your skin will damage the acid mantel because of it's extremely high PH value, which can reverse it's healing properties, and make your skin get worse again. Also, it is very powerful and can chemically burn your skin if it's left on too long. Everyone's skin is different, and you'll need to experiment to find out what you can handle. Watch your skin veryyyy carefully while wearing this mask to make sure it's not turning too red, which means it's getting burnt !
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July 22, 2012
I haven't been using this long enough to give a proper review, but I just wanted to add a word of caution: if you're also using essential oils to treat your skin, be careful about applying them after using baking soda. My skin normally isn't very sensitive, but I experienced a burning sensation when I applied lavender and thyme after a baking soda mask (which was washed off with cleanser). The burning stopped when I washed the oils off, though, and the baking soda seems to be working well otherwise.
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June 29, 2012


*shink pimps :))
*spot treatment


*red face a bit

This is Great :)) there is no other thing i can say about the greatness of this one .. :)) cheap but works. i hate some thingproducts that is expensive .. and giving some review without trying it.. or fake review just to get some customer
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June 16, 2012


makes acne smaller
doesn't irritate my skin
my red marks are fading (they aren't all the way gone but are less red)


when mask dries it flakes
drys skin (nothing a good moisturizer can't fix)
skin is a tad red but not as bad as before
It did dry out my lips but that's my error

I woke up this morning and when i saw my face I wanted to cry. I've used so many products (and I'm only 15). I have skin that tans pretty easily and when I started using Benzoyl religiously again (since I swore against it when I first used it) because it didn't seem to be making me super red, I now have HUGE red spots on my right cheek and chin. I saw all the reviews below and thought "hey, why not since I don't have to leave the house to get it" so I made a mask and left it on for about 45 minutes (until it started flaking everywhere) and I was pleasantly surprised to see smaller acne and fading red spots. I'm now going to try and stick with natural products because they seem to work the best. :)
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May 29, 2012


Clears up some acne
Soft Skin
Tightens Pores


Dries out your skin.

After I switched from birth control pills to nexplanon my acne got significantly worse. I started getting cysts. Red and horrible. It was difficult to keep from popping them. Sometimes I would anyways and the redness would be so much worse. I tried BP, and other various treatments. Nothing seemed to keep the acne in check until I started using baking soda. I usually use it every other day. I just wet my face pour some into my palm, and make a mask. I leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Then I rinse it off, While using an acne soap bar. My skin is relatively clear. The baking soda WILL dry out your skin so you need to moisturize. It's a really cheap alternative compared to some acne treatments.
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April 15, 2012


Smooth and soft skin
Looks like I've been using an expensive serum


Made me break out :-(

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm starting to get very sad about the whole situation. I've only been using it a week so maybe it's just clearing all the gunk out. My cheeks and forehead are clear of acne and it looks lovely! However my chin area which is the infected bit has got worse! Also, the Baking Soda is called Bicarbonate of Soda in the UK I think!! Can anyone confirm this? THANKYOU :)
April 13, 2012


-helped acne
-evened out the skin
-minimized pores
-helped back heads


-a little redness
-need to use often to see results

i used baking soda everyday and saw incredible results! i wouldn't say that this got rid of my acne but i defiantly helped and made my skin smooth. It also minimized my pores. i would use this as a mask for 5-10 min, and sometimes take a toothbrush (not used obviously) and dip it into to paste and scrub on my acne because the bristles on the toothbrush helped exfoliate my skin and i think it worked better. it also make your skin e=very smooth and after i would apply a moisturizer.
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March 28, 2012


Exfoliates REALLY WELL -- baby soft skin!
Controls oil really well after washing


Can taste a little salty if it runs in your mouth accidentally...
May be a bit drying to those with dryer skin

I have oily skin. I use BS to exfoliate my skin once a week. Exfoliation is recommended 1-2 times a week because more than 2 times will lead to irritation (redness, dryness, more pimples...). Scoop about a tspoon into a small container. Place several drops of water until it's pasty. Apply on face and rub gently in circular motions for about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse off and pat dry. THEN FEEL YOUR SKIN! And because this is an antibacterial agent, your face will be free from bacteria after you wash (and pimples!) Please apply a good moisture (I use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel) so that your new skin cells can be hydrated. And some SPF so that you don't get skin cancer! It has faded my acne scars and evened out my skin tone. And it has reduced pore size (due to the exfoliation).
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March 26, 2012


easy to make
easy to find
doesnt take more than 10 minutes a day
no harsh chemicals
leaves skin soft
tones down acne


can burn if sensative skin
if you put too much it can cause a rash

Baking soda WILL work for you, weither youre a skeptic or not, try it... you have nothing to lose!! its not like itll cremate ur face =) 1) mix baking soda and water to make a paste 2) apply to acne affected areas 3) tap, not rub it in , just pat it on and let it set for about 5-7 minutes. 4) once time is up, take warm water and splash it on your face. use your (clean) hand to wipe the baking soda off 5) dab, not rub the water off. 6) once dry, take cold water and splash on face( to close open , vulnerable pores) 7) pat dry 8) once face is dry , apply and oil-free moisturizer Voila
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March 24, 2012


-prevents breakouts
-brightens up skin


-the time it takes to get the perfect constituency like a paste
-dried a bit of my skin

I have only tried this product for a week and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. I have more nocticed a difference in my actal skin rather then my ance. My pores overall seem to appear more minimized and my face has denfinitely been brighter and less dull. As for my ance it doesn't do a lot so far in this week ;I have also nocticed that I have no new breakouts this week even with having my period. Overall baking soda is a good product. By the way results may vary. I never wore makeup this week so that may affect this product.make sure you do the search and make sure to check on other ways using baking soda. Gotta love baking soda :) Warning/tip : the frist two times i did it it made my ance turn red but don't give it up. Try it a few times more then see. How I use it : -Put the baking soda in bowl and Add water into it - Make it into a paste like consistsncy (probably heard that like 100 times) -apply to face gently - i get it off after 5 minutes ( I take it off with both splashing warm water and paper towel) - dry with a paper towel or just a plain towel - i wait about 2 hours then i have a night shower with doing my regular skin care routine)
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