Hibiclens : Antimicrobial and Antiseptic Skin Cleanser

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Active Ingredients:
Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution (4%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Fragrance, Isopropyl Alcohol (4% W/V), Purified Water, Red 40.

Other Ingredients:
Nonalkaline Base.

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June 9, 2023
I've tried a few things and I know what works
It didn't break me out like some of the people said on the reviews but it depends on if you have sensitive skin.so just try it a few days if it breaks you out discontinue .I recommend sea salt goat milk soap buy from ebay 8 dollars it will help your ance it's in a blk and green packing.this product will make your pimples smaller.ive tried it so it works.also, super cell collagen plus vitamin c and biotin pills from Walmart 9.99 for 90 also reduced pimple size I've tried that also
June 7, 2017
Saved My LIFE
Suffered horribly from painful cysts and boils for my entire life. At one point I had about 25 boils on my shoulders & back, several under each armpit, several on my inner thighs, 4-5 on my jawline, 7+ on my cheeks, and even on my upper arms. I hear people say going in public is tough and I laugh because I was at the point where Wearing clothes was pretty much impossible and I could only either be naked or wear a mumu. I used to be beautiful and found myself at a very low point spiritually of feeling defeated by a lifetime of suffering. I spoke to myself a few months ago and was very frank. I had decided that I would prefer dying to coping with the pain & disfigurements of this any longer. Then one night I was googling "all cotton bra's" because the bra elastic touching the acne area's is one of the most agonizing thing I've ever felt. I discovered someone's post under the bra reviews about Hibiclens. I bought some at Walgreens the next day and my infected skin literally began healing within 12 hours. It's been a little over two weeks and I am crying tears of joy because I have my freaking life back again. I went from over 25+ active boils, cysts, & open & draining area's to TWO. I have never seen my adult self look like I do right now. I'm still in shock and disbelief. If I could help one person who is on the edge, I would tell them to forget diets, supplements, oral antibiotics, and bullcrap bp. I had convinced myself that the root of this problem was inside of me, something was wrong with "me." Whether it be hormones or excess sugar or some random mineral or vitamin deficiency, I thought it was MY fault and I had to fix my insides. I never considered that the problem could be as simple as a surface staph colonization that could be eradicated by Hibiclens scrubbing... I believe in divine providence, because when I was at my very lowest point, spiritually wishing myself dead, I found Hibiclens and it saved my life.
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July 14, 2017
If you had cysts under your armpit, you might want to get checked or hidradenitis suppurativa.
February 18, 2019

Such a great review. Much love to you!

May 25, 2016
After 10 years of dealing with breakouts I finally found a product that ended it all. Been using twice daily for 4 months. Skin hasnt broken out once. Cleared up clogging too. Wash first with regular cleanser then put a thin layer of hibiclens on face and let sit for a couple mins. Then rinse and go about my day. Changed my life.
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June 15, 2016
can it be used as a face wash?
May 25, 2016
I've used hibiclens long-term with the regimen, happy with the results
I've been using this with Dan's regimen for about 7 years (applying for 2 minutes then using Dan's cleanser). The regimen alone didn't keep my skin clear (though it helped), but this addition largely does. It's never lessened in efficacy for me, and I've had no side effects.
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February 22, 2016
This was a LIFE changer!
Knowing what a life changer this product turned to be for me, it breaks my heart to see cases where it didn't work for certain people. I have struggled with bad acne since I was a teenager. I'm now forty and up until recently I continued with my struggle. I noticed that I would always get really bad DEEP skin festering breakouts around my lips and chin a day or two after shaving. I got rid of all my razors and went to a rotating electric shaver. That made a big difference. A little over a year ago, I was scheduled for a minor surgical procedure that required I wash my entire body with an iodine based antibacterial soap for the two days prior to my surgery. During this time I had some nasty deep skin zits along the back of my neck and on my back and shoulders. You know the kind. They feel like they are the size of golf balls and you're SURE they jump out for all to see like a beacons in the night. I immediately noticed that the inflammation drastically reduced about a day or two following my iodine baths. They continued to shrivel up during the next few days. This gave me the idea that this horrible acne problem just MIGHT be bacterial and something simple and topical might just help improve it a bit. I jumped on google and found out about how some people had been successfully using hibiclense. I immediately went out and bought some. I applied it on my face like a mask avoiding the softer skin tissue around my eye sockets and avoiding my lips. (It's also important to NOT get it into your ear canals or inside your nostrils). I would always apply it about three or four minutes before I jumped in the shower to let it sit on my face for a bit. As soon as I jumped in the shower, I immediately rinsed my face and any body areas I had treated with hibiclense and then proceed to shower as normal. You do this to avoid it running into the more sensetive areas or into your eyes and mouth while you shower. I used it every day for about 2 weeks noticing an immediate improvement. Now a year later I only apply it as needed (whenever I start to develop any sign of a breakout). This turns out to be maybe once or twice a week but usually as little as once every TWO weeks. I feel SO bad when I see younger people with bad acne. I want to tell them SO badly about what worked for me. I wish there was a way to tell them without offending. I SURE wish someone had told me about it before. I'm sure I could go back to using razors but I just never did. I would recommend that anything that exfoliates or abrades the skin be done BEFORE the hibiclense application to maximize results. Hibiclense has certainly shown residual effects for me. I got ride of ALL of my acne (body & face). The last hurdle I over came was a condition called chicken skin on my triceps and butt cheeks. The solution to this (called AmLactin lotion) I found just 2 weeks ago and it works like a charm. I can honestly finally say that I have the skin I have always wanted to have and envied everyone else for.
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May 22, 2015
DO NOT TRY if you have severe acne!
I've had severe acne since I was 16 (I'm 28 now,) and I happened to read all of the great reviews on this site about using Hibiclens to wash my face with. Let me tell you, that is the worst mistake I ever made! I started using it in May 2014. Within 3 weeks my face broke out in these huge, puss-filled, boil-like pimples the size of nickels! Not only that, but it chased the bacteria away from my face and all over my arms, so for the first time in my life my arms were covered in acne. I stopped using it immediately and it took about 6 months for the boils to go away. Here I am a year later, and I've just now gotten rid of the acne on my arms. I use a combination of Proactiv and Apricot Scrub (I mix it together in my palm,) and then scrub my face and arms with it. My face is way clearer now, and my arms are back to being acne-free. If you have severe acne, please don't waste your time with this crap!
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April 24, 2016
Not a chance that Hibiclens "chased the bacteria away from your face to your arms", you obviously have the bacteria in your body. Hibiclens does not work that way. You sound like a political ad for Proactive.
June 5, 2017
Is proactive running for congress?
June 14, 2014
Dye free
CVS/Pharmacy has there store brand cleanser with the same ingredients as hibiclens but without dye, and its a few bucks cheaper. Hope this helps.
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August 3, 2013
Hibiclens ALWAYS delivers. THE BEST. :)


Dries out little bumps
Clears up skin


Dries out your skin
Smells like a doctor's office (lol)

If you have mild acne, mainly little papules that like to have parties on your forehead, DEFINITELY TRY THIS. I have used Hibiclens for years. I used it every once in a while as a young teen to battle occasional breakouts, but now that I'm 20 and breaking out I LIVE by it. My mild acne is primarily little pink/nude colored papules on my forehead/nose/cheeks. This dries them right up and makes my skin glow. I still haven't found out if this sudden breakout I'm experiencing this summer is bacterial/staph/simply clogged pores, but either way, this is GREAT. Be warned: it dries your skin out. But for me, it's non-irritating. Except when it gets in your eye; be super careful about that.
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January 4, 2013


I havent been using this long only a a day or two. I noticed it decreased the oiliness on my skin. It dried pimples that were formed.


A bit pricey, wish it was in a foam container.

Not all products work for everyone. I have used many otc products, proactiv, and DKs regimen (3 years). Ive stopped using DKs regimen for five months and hopefully this pans out.
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September 20, 2012


Fresh smell
Doesn't sting or cause discomfort
Eliminated a zit on my lip line


Made my acne worse
Drying, but moisturizer can help that

I had very high hopes for Hibiclens, but after using it consistently for 2-3 weeks, it has managed to make my acne worse. I have cystic acne on my lower cheeks and it didn't improve it at all. But now I have break outs all over my forehead (previously clear), chin, upper cheeks, and neck. You know those zits that pop up right at your lip line and hurt and look hideous for weeks? Hibiclens totally got rid of a budding zit I had there. In the future I won't use Hibiclens as an all-over facial cleanser, but if I get a zit on my lipline again I know exactly how to get rid of it: Hibiclens.
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