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My friend, who had gone through his course of accutane a few years back mentioned to me how the side affect of depression was more closely related to a short fused temper. How one minute you could be the happiest person alive, and then the next minute you want to kill somone. A couple hours after taking my pill today (day 4) i noticed that my temper took a turn for the worse. Every little thing that would normally bother me, set me off. I picked up a hot plate and it made me mad so i threw the thing at the wall and it broke all over. Then i got mad and threw the rest of my food at the spot where i threw the plate. (lol gheez).

anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts.

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First of all, chill!!! It's OK!

My short temperness usually kicks in whenever I start thinking about my acne. Could this be the case with YOU?

Please, think of happy thoughts. You won't be able to fly, but you'll save a lot of plates. eusa_angel.gif

It could just be your MIND that's makin you go nuts like that. Try to find tranquility.

Happy thoughts!

BTW side effects don't kick in usually until week 1 is over for most people, I've heard.

Ciao! and GOod LUCK with your tane ride. MAY YOU CLEAR SOON!

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wow.. thats a little extreme.. but yea ive noticed i get pissed off more easily than normal over small things.. i'd bitch at people for saying dumb things which i usually dont.. i keep things to my head.. hah

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I'm 17 years old & I have been on accutane for almost 5 months. I was really scared to start because as I read all the posts about it, it sounded really scary. I had been going to the dermatologist since about 6th grade & different antibiotics & creams would work for a small amount of time, but then my face would go back through bad stages of acne.

When I decided to try out accutane, I was very careful. I was immediately, from week one, aware of the side affects I was warned of. My lips were insanely dry, my entire body was dry, I woke up with a bloody nose once, I lost about 15-20 strands of hair per shower, & I experienced hard stools/constipation.

All of these affects worried me- especially the hair. I lasted one scary month before the affects were too much to handle, I was on the verge of tears, & I thought I might end it there.

Although my face was 100% clear of any acne & looked beautiful, I was so stressed about the rest of my body, I hardly even noticed.

I talked to my dermatologist who suggested we take an iron test, along with my normal blood tests, to make sure I was okay. When the results came in, I was told that my iron levels were much lower than normal. A cause of hair loss. I now take one iron pill daily, along with my fish oil pill, birth control pill, and accutane pill.

I stuck through the difficulties & am doing much better. I have learned to cope with the powerful drug.

Now, I take a generic nasal spray that prevents nosebleeds and stuffy noses, an iron pill to help with hair loss, I use a lot of lotion everywhere on my body daily (to ensure prevention of dry spots), and I keep Chapstick with me everywhere I go.

I am still having problems with hard stools, or painful bowel movement, & I have tried to start drinking more water & eating both fiber bars and brownies daily- which seem to be helping a little bit.

I think accutane has been a really hard journey & I certainly wouldn't recommend it if you're not committed. I also want to show that it's not all a bad thing. I have never been happier with my face & I'm absolutely grateful that this has helped me with both my self esteem & for the rest of my life. It's not easy & it's good to be careful, but I would not say no to this if you really struggle with your accutane, are willing to face the consequences, & have plenty of self-discipline & self-awareness.

Accutane has changed my life & routine. & just know, 5 months ago I was reading both horror & success stories about accutance, and I am relieved to say that at this point (5 months in), I am basically a success story!

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