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"Orange peel skin" club - share your tips, advice and progress!

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Hello everyone,

I know there are several threaded discussions on this topic on the forum but here's another one to further lift each other's spirits! 

Now, there are days when I cringe looking at the texture of my skin but then again, do other people really analyze our pores with a magnifying glass while talking to us? Sure, some people might notice but who is perfect? Some people may seem to have perfect skin but they use makeup, others who have naturally "flawless" skin may have "imperfect" hair, etc. etc. 

The first tip I have is:  FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS. Do you have beautiful hair? Show it off. Do you have pretty  eyes? Play them up with mascara and eyeliner. Nice smile? Smile more! Everyone has their own unique beauty. 

Ladies, a guy once told me that my skin makes me uniquely pretty! Gentlemen, I actually find men with scars/textured skin quite attractive :D

This post isn't to tell you to give up on your skin or whatnot, but to learn to love yourself while in the process of healing. Speaking of which, have any of you tried red led light therapy? I've read some reviews and it seems that red led light is healing, boosts collagen production and decreases inflammation. Any experiences or thoughts? They sell little red led light devices on amazon, etc. 

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Posted (edited)

As mentioned in other threads and forums, orange peel skin is due to the "damage" caused by aggressive topical acne treatments, overexposure to the sun, etc. Our skin is inflamed and some collagen has probably been broken down so we need to work on repairing and restoring our barrier. These ingredients are our allies:

- Centella Asiatica

- Niacinamide (more than 5% seems to be irritating so better stick to low percentages)

- Ceramides

- Licorice

Things I'm not sure about but that I'm trying/curious about. Please share your thoughts!:

 - Fresh cucumbers (just started applying slices of cucumbers on my cheeks. Will update in a month).

- Chamomile. Yup, pure chamomile tea, which I use like a toner. This doesn't seem to make my pores smaller but it definitely calms my skin down.  If you're allergic to ragweed, obviously don't go near it! 

- Turmeric. Turmeric should be anti-inflammatory but I've read some mixed reviews and some people's skin seems to get irritated.

- Emu oil. This has been mentioned in several places but I'm not sure what the general consensus is. 


- Products:

Cicaplast (La Roche Posay). Lots of people swear by this product and its healing power but some people say it just breaks them out or that the zinc in it is drying.

Stratia Liquid Gold. This one's full of ceramides and niacinamide but it's also full of oils so I'm not sure if everyone's skin could benefit from it. Oil tends to break me out. 



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