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Subcision + Suction Protocols (with a focus on the suction)

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Hi all.

After my last subcision (with two syringes of juvederm volite), I decided to a suctioning protocol beginning the 3rd day after the treatment. I know the filler is supposed to act as a spacer but the dermatologist I went to (one of the best in Toronto no less.. Baranakin) talked to me about the point of diminishing returns, whether I’d actually see more improvement with the amount of treatments I have already done etc, just basically rained on my parade lol. When I asked him if I should suction after the session, he said it wouldn’t hurt. (Side note: I wouldn’t recommend this derm for subcision - he did not take his time, no lighting, didn’t mark out my scars, etc. I basically made the decision to do the treatment during the initial consult because I had some dollars to waste, maybe some desperation, and because of his reputation as the “best dermatologist” in Toronto. He is definitely not an expert on acne scar revision)

my suction protocol - basically adapted from google, this forum, YouTube, intuition, available google scholar studies: using a suction set bought from owndoc - I suctioned each area (my acne scarring is on my cheeks).. In the beginning of my protocol, I’d only apply suction for 4-5 seconds, and aimed to do 4 passes. I did this daily, 2-3 times a day, for two weeks. By the end of it, I was suctioning for 10-12 seconds on each area with quite a bit of suction pressure, 3-4 passes, 2-3x a day. Side effects: TEMPORARY PIH and discolouration that have disappeared. All temporary.  

Anyways,  Baranakin was right. To my own amazement, my scars have gotten much smaller in size and are much level with the rest of my skin than before. It makes me regret not suctioning each time I did subcision in the past (I’ve done about 9 subcisions with either Radiesse, sculptra and the last time was with the juvederm)

wondering who else on this forum has a suction protocol in place and if they’d share their experience 

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Happy that suctioning after subcision has begun to yield positive results for you. I will soon undergo subcision myself and am wondering if your results with subcision + suctioning have continued after a few week or if you've seen your scars re-emerge. 


Also wondering if it's perfectly safe and advisable to suction in areas where you've had filler injected?

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