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Fake Profile (doctors)

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I noticed that a lot of profiles on this board only exist to Defence some doctors you just have to click on the profile and you can see that some profiles only comment on some topics from one doctor. I assume that these doctors created these profile themself. And I’m sure that they have fake profiles to manipulate us in a certain direction

when we complain about them. Every time when someone says something against these doctors the hall board defense them.(we are obsessing, our problems are psychological)  This is really suspicious. 

go to the review section of some doctors and you can see what I mean.

beautifull Ambition is also one of these people who did defense them. He did make money with these doctors for sure . He says that he isn’t affiliated with these doctors but on

the other hand he says that these doctors are nice and experience but how does he know that without knowing them ? 

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Of course derms take a look at this board. It's packed with useful information and with first hand reviews they can learn from. Feedback to the treatments of the top doctors. If they have fake profiles there's no way of knowing, but some profiles do have detailed knowledge and express themselves in a way that you can suspect they are derms.

I guess people defend the doctors that they have good experience with or good impression of. Lim for example has done excellent work of explaining how different treatments work and what good general skin care looks like and lots of people appreciate him for that. 

And indeed there are people who are constantly complaining in the reviews about everything and every doctor, discontent with everything. There is also the fact that the successfully treated patients often live their life and the ones who don't get good results come back to write the negative reviews.

What is concerning however is that a lot of doctors are very marketing and profit oriented these days, know their treatments suck and just shift the blame to patient: the treatment didn't work because the patient didn't follow after care instructions, or what I saw recently a doctor arrogantly saying " You really made a mistake for not coming back to see me" when he messed up someone's skin in the first place. 

There are lots of caring doctors who do their job but there are unfortunately many who are in it for the money and the prestige. It's on us to do the research ahead of the treatments and to choose doctors with skills and integrity who will put the patient's concerns and well-being above their profit.

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