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Fat loss affect scars???Acne scars

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Which treatment should i do and 

Which type of acne scars do i have 

Im obese 97kg(213lbs)

Im 19yr

Should i do treatment like co2 lazer or wait for my ideal weight

Because you guys saying that after weight loss the scars will look worse and if i do treatment and then i loose weight the scars will regain?????

Sorry for my poor English :(





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 I can see the scars, but I can't really tell how deep they are. Can you take another pic, this time considering the instruction outlined below?

Angled lighting is an approach used to create a heavy shadow that will accentuate the scar for better evaluation as shown below. This is done by pointing a bright light perpendicular (90-degree) to the angle of the lens. So if you're shooting the side of the face, you would point the light from either the front or the back of the face.

Also don't shoot so close that it only shows the cheek. Try to include other parts of the face (eg. nose, mouth and/or ear). This will give better perspective of the scar size.



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You have a combination of boxcar and rolling scars. First and foremost, you need to get rid of those boxcar edges using TCA. They're the ones that make your scars stand out. Once the edges have faded, it will look more like rolling scar. At that time, you can get dermal filler to even out the skin.

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19 minutes ago, Dilipgowandey01 said:

So i should do treatment now or wait for my ideal weight

Because i heard that after your fat loss it will regain the scars

Yes, it's always better to have some cushion on the face. Collagen begets collagen, namely, you can't make collagen when you have no meat to begin with.

But I'm not sure this is something that you can actually control, eg. to add weight specifically to the face.

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