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Treatment for my icepick and box scars?

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Greetings from Peru, 

 Please give me some advice with my acne scars.

Im a 32 yo female, who suffers from acne since I was 12, now Im looking for treatment for my scars: mostly are ice pick and box scars. I have tried one time erbium fraxel from which I didnt see much improvement (it shrinked my pores for a while) . I did intervals of microneedling (3 times) and TCA cross 50% (I did it myself twice). From microneedling I saw very good improvement, but from TCA it made wider some icepick scars I had.

 Now I would like to try Intensif RF  or Scarlet RF (the only two available in my country unfortunately, I couldnt find Infini RF). what do you think? Could it help? Strenght/intensity of the machine?

Also Ive seen fraxel dual 1927 may help, what do you think? What strenght?

I hope someone can orientate me on this. 

I tried to send a message to Beautifulambition, but is not replying :(, I hope he sees this post someday, he gives very good advice too.




acne 4.jpg

Acne 6.jpg

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They're enlarged pores from Acne. I suffer from something similar. Low strength TCA peel can help you out. TCA 50% is too much. RF microneedling might help but I'm not sure

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