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so what i found that has worked really well for my oily skin and acne is PANTOTHENIC ACID supplements also known as vitamin b5! i started this after chancing upon several youtube videos of anecdotes by people who have been successful reducing their oily skin and acne using this supplement and even though initially i wasnt very hopeful, it has worked really well for me personally! i could tell that my oil was reducing within a week and now after having been on it for about 3 months, my oil has reduced by ~60%. for me, i knew that the biggest contributing factor for my acne was the oil itself thus when it was reduced, the acne also improved greatly :) i tried 2 brands as seen above but they both seem to work equally well so i think the brand doesnt really matter much! i started with 5mg a day which is 10x 500mg pills a day and slowly tapered to 3mg which im taking rn. im hoping to continue to reduce the dosage slowly over time as i know in general its not good to take such a large dosage long term but for now this is what has worked for me! 


created this account just to share something i found to have worked for me after coming to this website for help the past 7-8 years since i started having problems with my skin. i’m sharing this because i’ve really struggled with severely oily skin since puberty and i really know the pain! and trust me i’ve really tried everything to control it from oil cleansing, mattifying creams, gently no soap routines etc but nothing topical has really made much difference. besides makeup (innisfree no sebum powder) and the pantothenic acid supplements im on now, only things i’ve took internally have made a difference- accutane (reduced by 80-90%) and birth control (reduced by ~50%). 


hope this helps anyone struggling with the same problem and feel free to ask me if you have further questions! stay safe guys :)



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Hey, what do you mean when you say you started with 5mg and now 3mg? How many pills a day do you take for 3mg? Thanks

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