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Cyst on chin, not sure if it will flatten?

Hi guys, 

this is my first time asking for advice so I’m a bit nervous. I guess I’ll start by saying that I sometimes get hormonal acne on my chin, but when it happens it’s REALLY painful. The cysts are usually the size of dimes or peas and just take forever to come to a head. I used to get them a lot more before I was put on spiro, but I got one that’s been there for over a week, which never came to a head. I messed with it (it’s a bad habit I have) and nothing came out, but a couple days later it shrank about halfway. Now it’s been the same size for around 4 days. I’m used to being able to drain the cyst but this one sorta just shrank and never went away. Do you think I should just leave it and wait it out and see if it flattens? It doesn’t hurt anymore, I just feel it and it’s visible, but I doubt anything can come out of it. Also, I use a retinol at night and a BP ointment in the morning, just as a side note. I don’t really want to get a cortisone shot because of the side effects it has on the skin. Just curious to see what everyone’s advice is, thank you guys in advance! 

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Try a hot compress. Get a face cloth and run it under hot water and hold it against the area with good pressure for 5 minutes.

Unless it actually comes to a proper head, don't touch it. Squeezing blind/red lumps is a big no no.

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