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Random acne scarring appear on my face

Hi my names Matt I’ve been suffering with acne since about 18 and I’m now 29. When I was 21 I developed sleep problems which still exist today and never sleep properly. A bit later let’s say a few months after I developed sleep problems I noticed that I would get random acne scars on my face without actually getting any acne first. I also suffer from raynauds syndrome (dunno if this affects my ability to heal).

During this time I also started using proactive products, which do not contain high strength ingredients I don’t think. The only active ingredient is salicylic acid. Anyway since then I have been developing more and more acne scars on my face without getting active acne first. I just get a random acne scar on my face and when it appears its quite small first of all like a few black dots or like half a box scar, But then it always eventually develops into a full blown scar.

Recently in the past year or two when I get a random scar it appears red first of all and then develops into a bigger scar. I can always tell im getting a new scar because of the redness. Also in the past two weeks I have been trialing epiduo cream and this has seemed to accelerate the process and I have been developing random scars faster than normal. 

This has also happened when I used a chemical peel and a home microneedling device. The peel was 10% and I was gentle with the  microneedling I didn’t get much pinpoint bleeding.

WTF is happening to my skin?? I will upload pictures at a later stage I just needed to get this off my chest! Any help much appreciated

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