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Acne scarring on Forehead

I have these scars left from my acne. I have been acne free for 2 years since i went on Acutane. So basically why these scars are here i think is cause i had acne on my forehead and i had it on/where my forehead creases are. Basically where my "normal" wrinkles would be when i crease my forehead or raise my eyebrows, i had pimples there, and when creasing with a pimple it becomes more scarred. Its like my skin is sagging, its not stretched out and when in direct / hard light from above you can see the scars very clearly and it bothers me cause it looks like im angry or much older than i am (21), male. Also when i tilt my head forward it feels like my forehead just sags together, as if it wasnt stretched out and when tilted it just sinks together and creases .


I have had 2 consultations with dermatologists here in Sweden and ive asked about:

  • Dermapen treatments: Ive so far done 2 dermapen treatments cause they said that this is what "can" be done possibly to help and i will do a third but im not sure how much it really does help. 
  • I asked maybe if Subcision could work, especially for the middle scar (see picture with red circle): They said that for my scars it would not work / do good i guess, what do you think?
  • TCA Cross (also especially for the middle one, picture with red circle): They did not think that would work either / said no to that / did not recommend.
  • They suggested Botox: Im not sure i like Botox and i probably wont do that.
  • I asked about fillers: They said maybe/possibly some in the middle scar (one with red circle) but they werent too sure.


What i ideally would want/aim for is to smoothen out / even / flatten / strech out my forehead/ my forehead skin basically. I just feel like i want to take sandpaper and just even out my skin you know? Like just grind down 1mm or 2mm of the skin so it becomes even and flat, especially the middle scar.

Basically they dont think my scarring is too bad and that i should stop thinking about it, but obviously its very visible and psychologically im affected a lot by it and its making me not want to go outside/depressed and when i do i wear a cap or hat :/. So what can be done? What would be the best options for me and in reality how much improvement can i hope to expect?



Panna 1.jpg

Panna 2.jpg

Panna 3.jpg

Panna 4.jpg

Panna 5.jpg

Panna 6.jpg


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Concuerdo con los médicos, tu cicatrización no es tan mala y aveces en casos de poca cicatrización al hacer procedimientos en la misma te puede quedar peor de lo que está, aunque esta bien, por qué no haces algo mejor, usas retin-a durante un año que te ayudará un poco, luego miras como estás y quizás puedas optar por un láser, beautifulman o el caballero que responde y sabe mucho quizás te pueda ayudar, saludos


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seriously dude, this is so minor, treatment is not warranted. Anyone treating you is taking your money for nothing in return as nothing can be improved there. One or two tiny icepicks. If it gets worse with aging, botox is your friend.

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This is strange. The only scar is the one above what you circled. What you circled is wrinkles from your sunken forehead. Just get Botox, and TCA cross the icepick or boxcar or whatever that is.

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