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Looking for Feedback on Treatment Plan

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Hi everyone,

I had my consult today with Dr. Lemckert from Hamilton, Ontario at the Cutis Clinic. He tried pushing lasers on me, as suspected ($$$$), but I stayed firm with my desire to do manual methods such as subcision, as I have done soooo much laser in the past and from the amount of research I have done recently, I know manual methods should be first priority.


He also tried to push punch excision for two of my broader boxcar scars, but I know this can lead to complications. Finally, I got a quote for subcision + sculptra (one vial) for $1500, package of 5 = $6000. He also emphasized Nokor subcision more than cannula but from what I've read on this forum, Is cannula not the most effacious?


I am just wanting some feedback on this quote, whether it is reasonable, whether I should keep looking for more doctors. Also, If I used HA as a filler, would it provide the same results as sculptra or no?


Would love your feedback on this @beautifulambition

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Hi, I only respond  now by PM (private message) - privacy/ confidentiality/ easier maintenance of senders / less confusion /a better use to prioritize my time  to the 100's of severe acne scar cases I help a day by PM, etc - Feel free to PM me with your questions, thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Responding to your PM. Regardless I Want you to consult with 3 Drs not just one and pick who you like best. They all have different methods of treatment. CAN is exceptionally hard to find god Dr's from what I hear. Goto plastics as well if you wish.

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