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Hello Community!

I have studied a lot of your FAQ and I have a couple of questions that doesn't seem to be listed.  Instead of sending this to BA directly I thought I'd let others view if interested.

1. Microneedling without Subcision increases Tethering?

Dr. Steven Weiner (FL) said that if you do Microneedling (With and w/out RF) without subcision you will cause more tethering.  I was wondering if you believe this to be the case?  I am doing Subcision 2 to 3 times a year.  However, do you believe that they must be done at the same time for the best effect or worse increase tethering

2.  Derminator 2 | Dr. Davin Lim's Angled 360 method

Instead of doing a CO2 at the walls have you ever heard of doing microneedling at angles?  This sounds like it might work like laser.  I'm am concerned that it might just tie down tethers even further though.  I have never heard of anyone doing this.  If you have, do you know the depth, # of passes, etc?  Dr. Davin Lim states he is seeing 2-3 better results with "manual angled/360 CO2 method"

3. Manual "360 degree" Angled CO2 Doctors | Scar Walls

Does anyone else besides Dr. Davin Lim do this in the States, West Coast?  Staying in Australia for 2-3 weeks per Dr. Lim's requirements won't work.



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@Progression The FAQ was written by me as a expert guide for acne scars (originally a book sold on this subject). No one else here could answer your questions about that subject nor are there are experts on the world's top 1% acne scar experts.  

All treatment no matter who you goto are customized to your individual condition. Wiener might treat one way, Lim might treat another and so on. You goto them if you want their individual technique done on you. Many paths to the same goal regardless of what they are called.

Many Dr's can do subcision, you don't have to fly to AUS. Wiener is saying if your tethered and do not subcise (this is a obvious one) then it will do more damage to have rf needling done. This is why we do manual methods first and not energy devices. Regarding doing them in the same session that is his choice and I do not agree as people do not heal like this (combo treats are done your right often on international patients who fly in or those in a rush). Many other Dr's split up this treatment as well and do subcisions before rf needling. But this does not speed up healing. 

 No one else is going to do Dr Lim's laser techniques on you, he takes risks. This is a technique special to him specifically. Can other's do laser and get similar results, of course, but no they are not going to do Dr Lim's techniques. 

You state someone on the west coast, see Dr Rullan, and get RF needing done anywhere even a med spa. Many laser Dr's all over. But if you want Lim fly to Lim. I have had many patients get good results without 360 angled co2. The manual methods again are the most important part NOT laser or energy devices. 

Microneedling has nothing to do with laser to the borders of the scars. OF course you can do this yourself if you wish as a at home treatment,  I recommend to everyone. Laser is of course more effective and they are not the same. 

There are many ways to the same point, many Dr's don't even advertise their technique on social media. 

This is a long process a marathon not a race. Step by step start with treatments and move onto energy devices as needed.

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