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  1. Hello All, Link to article A users experience and words (she's still within 3 months of doing all 5 sessions) A lot of you have known of Dr. Fernandes for many years since he was the creator of the derma roller. He has a 2020 article out which talks about the frequency of intervals closer together 4-10 days which causes TGFB3 and IL10 stay working in the skin using depths of 1-3mm. He sites as high as 4x results when combining Vitamins, A, C, E and peptides to thi
  2. @emf42 Amy just got back from vacation, and is definitely the person to talk to. I usually email her and try to call if I don’t hear back after about 72 hours.
  3. Hello Community! I have studied a lot of your FAQ and I have a couple of questions that doesn't seem to be listed. Instead of sending this to BA directly I thought I'd let others view if interested. 1. Microneedling without Subcision increases Tethering? Dr. Steven Weiner (FL) said that if you do Microneedling (With and w/out RF) without subcision you will cause more tethering. I was wondering if you believe this to be the case? I am doing Subcision 2 to 3 times a year. Howeve
  4. Hello sir,

    Which Dr. George did you get the infini done?

    Congratulations on your journey.

    The struggle is real,



  5. Thank you for the referral. It's been a few years since I've been on the board but I see that your contribution(s) to this community is phenomenally helpful to us all. Keep up the good work! That's not a demand, it's an appreciation.
  6. Hello all, I'm back at my scars again. I was looking good for a few years after Fraxel Re:pair, subcision, and various IPL type lasers in 2012-14. However, my scars have now returned again..ughh.. (no new acne, just reappeared) I am currently taking a break from Microneedling RF treatments (non-insulated). I've had 3 so far and of course, my scarring looks worse than ever. My current doctor does not do subcision but she does fillers. I am taking a break from the Microneedl
  7. I actually never asked how much it was. I'm assuming around 350-400 without discount. He explains it to me as a "juiced up" GenesisPlus for acne scar revision without downtime and minimal pain. If someone wanted to have no acne scars all the time they could just get the Genesis plus every 5 weeks due to inflammation lol. Again, I use it to even out my complexion after the fractional Co2. So I know that most of the benefit is coming from the Mixto, especially since he's going to be the m
  8. Hello everyone, Just would like to get some feedback from a least a few patients regarding the new Picosure Focus Laser. Picosure is heavily marketed as the revolutionary new technology to remove tattoos and less information on actual scar remodeling. My doctor is the only doctor in the entire bay area that has this laser as it is such a new technology. From website: Unprecedented innovation in laser technology. PicoSure® is the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser. Th
  9. Hello all, Preface: Many companies like Avita (spray on stem cells) are still under FDA approval so I was shocked to find this company doing something even more invasive. Today I called into MetroMD. You can find them by doing a video search for "stem cell acne scar". I expected them to offer what most places around the world were doing, spray on stem cell with CO2 Dot Therapy. They have only been doing business for one year now which makes me wary of this company and would like to know if
  10. Great! The adhesive tape idea was from a dermatologist I spoke with so I cannot take credit. Please keep us abreast to your progress!
  11. Second his recommendation. You have ice pick which the above procedures work best on.
  12. When I start feeling down I kill myself at the gym. Often the movement, sweating, drinking of large amounts of water, you start building a new image of yourself in the mirror, your serotinin increases dramatically and you feel tired at night so it's easy to crash and wake up to start a new day. Get your best tunes in your mp3 and do it. note: If the above still doesn't work. I would caution before seeing a doctor about depression. I sell health insurance and depression goes in your MIB
  13. Please see the Subcision-suction method as there is a lot of good research here and I know a lot of you are needling with decent or mediocre results. Please try this below and post back as I think this is the current future while we wait for the miracle solution. ----------------------------------- Subcision-suction method for acne scars The Subcision-suction method: A new successful combination therapy in treatment of atrophic acne scars and other depressed scars. S Aalami Harandi, K Baligh
  14. Was it Fraxel Re:pair or Restore? What was the setting on? Where did you have this procedure, city?
  15. Did you guys read this? "In subcision, due to release of fibrotic tissue, scar surfaces separate from underlying attachment and blood dermal pocket is formed beneath the scar. Blood not only acts as a short-term spacer to keep the tissue from early attachment,4,6 but also the subsequent organization of blood is thought to induce connective tissue formation and correction of the defect.6,9 " The last line quoted is incredible. I think now is the time to be enthused about acne scar treatment as