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How to treat a fresh, brand new scarred pore (can I TCA Cross/Microneedle pink skin after a scab falls off?)

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So this is going to be a bit longer than I expected since I think it would be helpful to give full details as to what I’m dealing with, but feel free to just answer the title question if the rest doesn’t interest you! I’ll try to keep it brief  

To begin with, I was having issues with a recurring blackhead on my cheek. It’s one of those with a nearly unnoticeable head, but mostly you could tell it was getting full because it would raise the skin up around the head from the stringy keratin that would build up underneath. I got tired of extracting it every month, squeezing until the long string of sebum/keratin deflated the little pocket, and having it fill up again till I’d have to repeat. So I began treating it daily with salicylic acid, which did not help much to reduce or prevent the buildup, but did clear away the head so it was no longer black. However, the problem with that is that it also stretched the opening of the pore much wider and when I finally extracted it again, the pore remained stretched and is likely now a scarred pore. 

Once the scab fell off, I was left with shiny pink skin where I had squeezed, as well as the new gaping pore/scar. I’d like to get a head start on treating this since I’m insanely prone to ice pick and box car scars. Does anyone know if it is safe to either do a gentle low percent TCA cross (since the scar is so new and small at the moment) or perhaps microneedle the pore? Would this disrupt the healing of the new pink skin? 

Futhermore, would TCA crossing the pore help it not fill in anymore? If anyone has any advice on what to do about this one blackhead/keratin filling pocket on my cheek please let me know as well!

Also does anyone have any advice on how long the pink skin might take to turn into more uniform normal skin so that I can start treatment if it is better to wait?


thanks in advance!

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Blackheads. Get them extracted professionally (are you doing this at home???) and do something like a hydra facial, this will clean out pores. They are pretty cheap. Speak with your aesthetics dermatologist a about cleaning out the pores / black heads and using.

You might have a underlying condition, have you spoken to your Dr about this? 

IF you do not get your black heads under control and try to fix them at home then yes they will become scarred pores.

NEVER squeeze. 

No do not treat this at home. It's a wound, ... you said it's fresh, and inflamed. OF course treating a wound right now will make the scar 10x worse. 

Get some hydroquinone and put on the area if yoru prone to hyper pigment. 

Try a silicone gel or scar patch, ... will take many weeks, you have to heal. 

It can takes weeks. This is wound healing. Goto a Dr if this concerns you. You will have to wait now. Do not exfoliate or use acids on it. 



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