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My acne is nearly all gone! You need to read this.

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Posted (edited)

Hi guys! I’m here to share good news: my acne is pretty much all gone. I’m so happy, especially because I cured it by myself, cause doctors and dermatologists had no clue of what was going on on my face. If you want to read my acne story, here it is my first and only post on this forum, it was written on April 25th(if you want you can skip at the end to just read what my problem was and how I solved it)

April 25th 2019

 Hi! I’m new here. I have really severe acne on my cheeks, my jawline and both sides of my chin, next to the mouth. I’ve tried nearly everything to cure it, diet changes(gluten free, dairy free, vegan, raw vegan, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat...), different products, stress control...Nothing worked, there were some changes (some days my acne got better and some others worse) but no improvement (actually it got worse).

The only thing that made my skin sort of clear for a bit was the caveman regimen. It wasn’t the true caveman regimen cause I apply makeup during the day(just organic natural powder foundation) so, to remove it, I used jojoba oil in the night, without using water or soap. In just something like 2 weeks all my pimples were gone and my marks faded a lot. But at the end of the 2 weeks, 1 week before my period, I had an acne explosion. Lots of tiny, painful red bumps all over my face sides (I usually had acne just on my cheeks but this time pimples popped all over my jawline and at the sides of my mouth, which was so unusual for me). I read in forums that people usually experience a purge at the start, but never that a purge would occur 2 weeks after my regimen started, and especially after having achieved pretty nice skin. So I waited another week, and kept using the caveman regimen but my skin was getting worse and worse. So I stopped.

I tried the regimen 2 months ago and in the meantime I tried to change my skincare with different products (I’m using Differin since 3 weeks but it doesn’t seem to help).

(I use all organic products for my skin and hair, apart from Differin of course)

My acne is really bad today (probably also because in some days I should get my period) so I’m really in a depressed mood

what do you think I should do?


Today July 21st

Well, okay that was my post. I will never be thankful enough to @Aussie Scientist, who actually saved my face. I had no clue what was going on with my acne. I thought I had just common hormonal acne, especially because all of the doctors I had been to told me that maybe my hormones were just out of wack. Well it wasn’t like that. I checked all of my hormones, all of the vitamins, minerals, blood analysis, blood sugar levels, EVERYTHING. But I found nothing weird. I was perfectly healthy and my hormones were in check. So after the post that I wrote on April 25th, @Aussie Scientist immediately answered  to me, “diagnosing”, from what I had written and asking some questions and a couple of pictures, that I probably had fungal acne. Now, I had no idea fungal acne actually existed. None of the doctors ever mentioned it or thought about it, I had never read it anywhere. This whole thing opened a world for me: thanks to the informations given to me by @Aussie Scientist, I started  researching on the Internet any informations regarding Malassezzia and fungal acne. Well, I thought that could have really been my problem: my pimples were different from the ones I had before, they were small, they itched, every single day they kept spreading all around my face, more and more and more. Anything I used on my face seemed to make my acne worse, it didn’t matter how organic, how clean or non allergenic the products I was using were. I found the great simpleskincarescience.com and the miraculous post with all of the knowledge you need to fight the “Malassezzia monster” (here it is the link:https://simpleskincarescience.com/pityrosporum-folliculitis-treatment-malassezia-cure/). Slowly but steady my  acne started healing when I started following the instructions found on this website and the ones given to me by @Aussie Scientist (thank thanks thanks).

Initially I started using antifungal creams and after just a week, I immediately felt that my skin wasn’t itchy anymore. My pimples were all there still, but the itchy sensation was gone. I switched a couple of antifungals and my acne slowly started to improve. Then I removed some of the products that weren’t Malasezzia safe. I stopped using antifungals, and threw away ALL of my old skincare products, even the organic super clean ones, and started to use just products that were “Malassezzia safe”. 

If you want specific informations about which products worked for me and which ones didn’t, let me know, I’ll write another post.

I know this post is really long but I hope it can be helpful to some people that are actually desperate as I was 3 months ago.


Here are the pictures of my skin before and after.

May 9th 2019, left side:



Today, July 21st 2019



May 9th 2019, right side:


Today, 21st July 2019:



I still have some hormonal and fungal breakouts, but it’s nothing compared to what I had before on my face. It hasn’t even been 3 months since I found out that I had fungal acne, that’s why I hope that, with time, all of it will be completely gone. 

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Thank you - I am SO pleased for you.

You could try using azaleic acid lotion along with the antifungal creams. Azaleic acid is not acidic - it will most probably help clear your remaining "acne" along with using the antifungal creams etc.

Sadly, I am no longer going to post on this site, as I am returning to full time work.

Thank you for acknowledging my input to solving your "acne" problem.

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