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Hi, I'm telling you I'm 18 years old right now. 4 years ago I was acne cystic, which I managed to cure the next year with isotretinoin, as you may know I had scars, which I just finished 4 sessions of laser co2, I have seen maybe 40% improvement, but as my skin is white, the reds are still there.
My question is and I hope you can help me, I started all this acne about 4 years ago when on my cheek I got a huge pimple of pus, which drained the pus and then turned to inflate, because currently in that place is a texture in my face different from the rest, when touching it it feels soft, with a sensation that inside it had liquid or something similar, in the same way, it usually looks irregular with the symmetry of my face highlighting a small bulge, I really do not know what it is, when I tell the doctor he told me it is a scar but I do not know how to define it, since with the 4 laser sessions it has not disappeared, about 3 days ago I was curious to start massaging that area, and I managed to flatten that scar or sensation of water or pus, then began to turn the area as hardened and the scar or that lump hardened and could feel it again hard, what is it? help

I clarify: visually only the area is red and a little bit irregular, so to speak.

I do not understand why it could go from soft to totally hard, now it's soft again

Please comment!

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@RegularChair Sorry I missed your posting, must have gotten lost in a sub thread Red is not scarring it's PIE and you need pulse dye laser for that. 

Ask your Dr to take a biopsy if needed or remove the scar through excision. Could be so many things including granduloma /lipoma / deep cyst,or a sac of puss.

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