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2 YEAR SCAR & NO improvement, what is it?!!? PICS

Hi, so ive posted regarding this scar on my left cheek multiple times now over the past 2 years and have now had enough. Ive tried many a thing at home to help fade it, but nothing seems to work at all, i wanna know what scar it is and what could be done to help it, a chemical peel? microdermabraision?



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Hey mate! 


Scarring is scarring. Knowing the exact type of scar won’t necessarily help treat it. Have a look through the scar treatment section posted above and post back here if you have further questions. Basically, with a darker skin tone, laser or similar RF treatments is less of an option for you. Peels and microdermabrasion will help, but don’t expect super quick results. Unfortunately once a scar has fully formed it’s not a quick process to eliminate, but it will fade with time, faster with complimentary therapies. Skin needling typically help with both collagen production and breaking down the scar tissue, and is suited to any skin tone. Just go easy with whatever you do and be content with the fact that it will improve, just not overnight. I know this probably doesn’t mean much to you but to other people it really isn’t something that draws attention/the eye. Yes it’s noticeable, if you draw attention to it, but I, for one, would definitely not think negatively of you/your skin because if it. We are out own worst enemies/our biggest critics; you’ll often think worse of yourself than others do.  

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