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acne battle scars

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Hey people of acne.org,

I’m going to just keep it short and simple. 20 year old mad confused kid who’s at wit’s end. As a fan of Dr David Lim, he suggested to take my issues to acne.org and reading all these posts from acne.org for years I could tell the community here is just wholesome and sincere. That’s why I’ve decided to be vulnerable for once and take it here to seek help. 


- I’ve gone on and off roaccutane twice. Stopped after the 3ish month mark. (because I honestly just felt it wasn’t worth it and was doing more harm than good) 

- Went to several dermatologists 

- am currently using the ordinary retinoids 5% with squalene, niacinamide, azelaic acid suspension, glycolic acid, L-ascorbic acid powder and the AHA peel to treat particularly scarring. 


I’m always conflicted with the types of scarring I have which I’m guessing are some rolling scars, icepick and PIE pigmentation? I’m definitely not an expertise in this area and was hoping the people here would enlighten this pleb and diagnose my scars and give me some advice. Thanks in advance to whoever’s taking their time actually reading this. *ps I recently had a massive breakout again when after I finally the hellish days are over and thought my skin has given me a break but it has been steadily improving, and also sorry for the horrid sight*



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@buttface Hi there, I don't see that you have any scarring ( I can diagnosis better once you get the below taken care of), I do see that you have "early scarring (See treatment below)". You have PIE or wounding post acne. In fact I still see some active acne. It is best if you get the acne under control or you will be spreading bacteria or creating more issues. Please see a aesthetic or cosmetic dermatologist for this. I see you stopped Accutane a few times. As such now the acne must be treated or it will simply lead to more scarring. Squalene could be causing a break out, ... see if stopping this does anything. am currently using the ordinary retinoids 5% with squalene, niacinamide, azelaic acid suspension, glycolic acid, L-ascorbic acid powder and the AHA peel to treat particularly scarring

Ok your skin seems in great shape, at least in the pictures you provided, there is just PIE post acne and as such here are some solutions:

1) Ematrix or Sublative RF for early scarring

2) Carbon Peels, or Hydro Facials, or Phototherapy to work on the acne. 

3) Vascular laser or Picosure / Picoway for the redness - PIE.

4) Higher strength % Glycolic peels

5) Vitamin C serum, L-asorbic is probably not penetrating deep enough. Fat soluble cream. Ordinary makes one.

6) You can try a sulfur soap for acne as well. 



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