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What were your first couple weeks of Accutane like?

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I started Accutane today. I know it's different for everyone, but just want to hear about what I might expect in the next 2 weeks! I normally tan and don't burn, but I'm going to a tropical place next week for spring break so I'm a bit worried about sun sensitivity. 

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Hey there!

I'm a second round Accutane user. I don't have much good news, but maybe you can mentally prepare for this. You will break out soon. You may endure 2 or 3 spaced-out break outs, which is just your layers of skin purging, and if you have bad skin, there are multiple layers of bad stuff going to come to surface. small and unnoticeable or big and painful. DEFINITELY watch out for the sun. I've seen terrible videos of people getting 2nd or 3rd degree burns. I always smother my skin in sunscreen if going outside. Keep this post updated, it might keep you sane while going through the rough and ugly days.

Oh, maybe you want to know what products to use? I made a 5 minute video on it after my first round that might be helpful. I cant paste the link here but the exact title is: 10 Quick Accutane Tips/Expectations & Photos (No background story!)

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