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Day 36 of Accutane: Still lookin rough

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for 30 days I was on 30 mg of Myorisan (isotretinoin generic) yeah my face was rekt after that :) lotsssss of red spots clustered together, but some of the worst breakouts went down so I can cover a good amount of my crappy skin with makeup

for the past 6 days I’ve been on 40 mg which broke me out a little but I’m also approaching my cycle so I can’t tell what’s cuz of what...I noticed the tons of blackheads I had during the first month went away and my nose is like completely smooth; however, other than that, there’s no other improvements. the joint pain has been kickin in a bit considering one of my knees was kinda messed up pre-accutane but it’s fine with some advil. my eyes are definitely getting more dry and irritated but eyedrops help. my lips are also more dry but aquaphor aquaphor aquaphor!! I switched makeup removers which helped the dryness and irritation in my face a lot— I used to use Neutrogena makeup wipes but now I use Cetaphil gentle makeup remover with some cotton pads and it works wonders!!!

i’m just tired of hating what I see and the mirror and wanna see improvement already...potential scarring is also a fear I have with all these breakouts and I get PIE (post inflammatory erythema) very easily :/ 8 more days of 40 mg, then I’m going up to 60 mg (the full 1 mg/kg dose for my body weight!) 

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36 days is really nothing, gotta give it more time. Month 2 can still be rough, but you should surely start seeing major improvement by the third month considering you'll be on 60mg.

I've been on 40mg since I started 3 months ago, and I stopped reporting "issues" by around the 70th day. Also, there's hyperpigmentation that I've had since days 30-40 that is still healing, so you've also gotta be extra patient with that.

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