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Some scar on the nose but it's not pimples and if I press on the nose but don't whiteheads out of my nose plz solve this problem    I go to clinic skin specialist give me benzoyl peroxide gel b. P bt can't work it soo plz suggest meIMG_20190223_102700.thumb.jpg.4d3a9f828326b32f2d11bcde5a084a98.jpg




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52 minutes ago, Aussie Scientist said:

See my post under Tiny white plugs on this web site

Plz suggest me personally I think not enough information to me understand that.. Tell me which medicine use in this case

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From other email string -

Most of the people who have posted on this email string have candida or malassezia. Some people have recognised that they have malassezia. From the photos etc., I think most people have candida. The chances are that all the people on this email string have taken antibiotics in the last 12 months. Destruction of gut biota by antibiotics leads to fungal infections on the skin and elsewhere. Most doctors are "in denial" about skin problems caused by malassezia and candida in otherwise healthy people.

If you have a white tongue (and skin problems and possibly gut problems, headaches etc.), you most likely have candida. If you have dandruff (and skin problems) you most likely have malassezia. The best topical treatment for malassezia is terbenafine cream (OTC in Australia). The best topical treatment for candida is nystatin cream (sold as mycostatin, OTC in Australia). If you have candida - white tongue, tiredness, headaches, feeling of disorientation, and usually skin problems, you should also take oral nystatin - sold as oral nilstat in Australia (no prescription required in Australia, but you have to as the pharmacist for it).  Oral nilstat is for candida in the mouth (white tongue) and you are supposed to swallow it - it fixes candida in the gut, although it does not always fix candida in the mouth, at least not directly.

The keratin plugs and strings that people in this email string have are caused by candida or malassezia, and the body's consequent immune response, disrupting the normal process of keratin formation. Infectious microbes (both bacteria and fungi) do this on skin. 

Some people may also have secondary staph infections. These are dangerous. Use very strict hygiene protocols when dealing with skin fungal infections to avoid getting secondary staph infections. Doctors often treat the secondary staph infections (which must be done, but oral antibiotics exacerbate the fungal infection), without realising that the person has a fungal infection.

I am not a medical doctor, but I have spent over 1,000 hours researching skin candida and skin malassezia. I know what I am talking about. Try the remedies above and post again, if they do not work. I have had to use more extreme remedies (because the candida infection, which followed malassezia infection - from antibiotics when I had my appendix out - was so entrenched). After eight years, have finally "got on top" of my skin candida. I am happy to provide further advice on fixing skin problems caused by candida and malassezia, if people want this advice.  

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