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Fraxel damaged Skin Microscars/ First Subcision

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Hi everyone....

This group and forum is amazing. I have been reading everyone's posts and decided to join. Here is my story, I tried fraxel dual 2 years ago to treat a few superficial scars and my skin is damaged with micro tears, loss of firmness and orange peel. I have been trying retinol with some improvement but no where close to my original skin texture. I am switching to retin A this week, starting with .025 .

In the meantime, I am going for my first subcision today. Although I dont really have scars to be a  candidate for subcision,  the dermatologist thinks i will benefit that the injury may help with collagen buildup. It is a classic technique that is often overlooked for collagen without the heat injury of lasers. Makes sense?

Anyways I am anxious about the after care for subcision. If you have any advice, please share. Are there any side effects for subcision other than the opening and bruising?

My other treatment options are peels (glycolic) and retina a that I plan alternated weekly. Is that a good idea or is there a better protocol?

 Has anybody tried Tazorac?

Sorry too many questions. I will post pictures soon to track my journey here. 

I no longer feel I am alone. 




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Oh that's not good, micro tears from fraxel. So we can't suggest most energy devices, I would think poor healing and or sensitivity. 

Have you considered some acid peels for softening (do this after your subcisions). I would not do microneedling if you healed like that. 

Yes I understand about subcision, without seeing your pics, sounds like a good plan. 

There is no real aftercare for subcision, you wear sunscreen, hibernate inside for several days while you heal. Most of the work is happening under the skin. OF course you can take bone broths, collagen supplements or gelatin, vitamin c, and other collagen building supplements (protein powders and amino acids). Regardless one can put on concealer 24 hrs after the sub if they need to. You don't want to do filler because that is too superficial but you can do a skin booster which is made by the same company, ask your Dr if they provide this or meso HA injections.

Other protocols involve energy devices so yes this is the best one. You can do tca cross to small icepicks if needed or tiny pores, but then peels are needed to resurface the skin. Consult the Dr about this.

Other gentle treatments are hydropeels which include BHA AHA acids and are cheap, and microdermabarion.

Tazorac is fine, spot test to see that you do well, this is the tretinorin I talked about above.

See the post by acne_scar_queen or Acne_skin_queen she recently posted, she has good sucess with textural stuff. 


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oh wow! Thank you beautifulambition! thank you so much much! A lot of information here. 

My procedure was fairly uneventful but now I have a lot of swelling and bruising which is coming down slowly. I applied arnica gel to help with the bruising and to one of the subsicision entry which was bigger than the rest, I applied calendula-hypericum cream and it magically healed it. All other openings were very minute. 

Unfortunately day 3, I caught t the cold/flu and I am a mess. Hope it doesnt messes up with the recovery. I did go to work today and no one noticed because I had my foundation on but my cheeks are tender to touch and feel like gravity is pulling them down. 

I am so tempted to apply my retin A today itself as I can no longer deal with this texture and I am trying to hold off until I heal from the subcision bruising. What should I do? 




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@nufaceme You don't want retin-a during swelling and you feeling ill. You could be ill form the subcisions and your body healing needing higher immunity and stressing it. Take it easy this weekend. Rome was not built in a day. 

Post some pictures perhaps I can help more, takes me a day to respond as my inbox is stuffed with people to help, but directional light/flashlight or photos would help me know about the texture and next steps. 

Retin-a a lone will not correct texture. 


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