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    1. beautifulambition

      Phenol Peel Experience Dr Rullan, Chemabrasion, Deep Peel

      @SquawkingStars @Solutions29 @screwscars I am sure Screw scars can answer your questions better with her own experience but I wanted to share this as I have been asked this repeadily. Dr Rullan specializes in chemical peels, as mentioned above he trains other Dr's how to use them, so your Dr (in general) may not know how to do any of this. Rullan uses Phenol for his TCA Cross, he is the only one I am aware of currently Rullan uses a term called "Chemabrasion," This is a
    2. beautifulambition

      Can I use derminator near eye-area for atrophic scar?

      @GainfulHope You could dermastamp the area if the mm was not to long say .5mm, Owndoc.com, sterilizing is with the powder solution sold there and a toothbrush. A good plastic surgeon could do a excision here, but they would have to use botox as well. Dangerous area vascularity - muscles, and skin is not the same as the rest of the face so yes only a plastic surgeon if you go that route, be aware there is no guarantee of how it will heal here.
    3. @ajaxz I get this question all the time. It's the aggressiveness of the providers treatment, possibly a poor treating Dr with little experience, or it has not had enough treatments and again this area heals terribly as it's cartilidge. If they do electrosurgery and scrape it off you can bet it will come off, but there is a possibility of scarring and laser is often done afterwards. Some Dr's just use steriod injections and laser and have great results. It may be your location or providers.
    4. @HopeNew This is normal. You need vascular laser for hyperpigmentation and a cream as I mention for nightly usage. Ethnic skin (but also skin that tans), this happens often with treatments - in fact it can cause new PIE/PIH and must be dealt with at the end of treatment, ... also prep with creams is preventative. Remember cupping can cause weeks of bruising as well. Use nightly: Retin-a or tretinorin(prescription), or Differin (Target/Walmart), The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid (if you can'
    5. @Pianina Sure then use a dermastamp if you would rather do it manually. Derminator is made and sold in Europe but distributed world wide. It's cheaper than one Dr's treatment and it's less painful than manual dermastamping - very fast, also adjustable length. But I understand we all have a budget or want to try it out. Yes it does make a difference, it can cause tears in your skin -rolling as the needles drag trough the skin, and we do have some patients this happens to. It depends how you heal
    6. beautifulambition

      Acne scars, hyperpigmentation and other

      @Vladpredescu If you pull them apart and they disappear this means they are distensible, meaning volume and filler will help with subcision. Hence my plan above addresses this where your friend of the friend does not. It is imperative to do subcision and filler, several times. I use this analogy often, one must fill the pothole before you pave the road.
    7. beautifulambition


      @Paolala As these are Chicken pox scars if I am reading what you put above correctly. You have the following options. Subcision with a bit of HA filer under the scar, and resurfacing of it with a laser or peel. Or in some countries they treat this with punch excision, lifting the scar and stiching it, which depends on how you heal. Neither will be 100% perfect and may take a few trys. Find a qualified plastic for the exicision. Redness is wounding and can be taken care of with
    8. @Pianina I would get something like the Derminator, it's cheap and works well (cheaper than one treatment at a Dr). It's automated dermastamping. You just treat the scars. I See you have PCOS, please be careful as healing could be effected, ... always test on one acne scar first and see how it heals. Sensitive healers can make things worse with microneedling. Rollers cause micro-tearing of the skin, and thus are not a good solution for the face.
    9. @HopeNew Why nothing pressing on a pimple is best. Put a Hydrocolloid patch over it, they make them for acne, and sell them as retail stores. I would not put a collagen mask, I do not know the ingredients and I don't see this being helpful as this is never in the instructions for use. You need to absorb the infection not trap it.
    10. beautifulambition

      Acne scars, hyperpigmentation and other

      Emil is a top acne scar Dr who does manual methods (rare), he is talked about here often, check that out in the search. I would not say your friend is milking anything, ... just that she is clueless with scars and doign general aesthetics products made for those with perfect skin who need a tiny improvement. It's a very specialized field. Most general derms buy into the marketing of these device manufactures that it does everything and anything. Let me know of your experience with Tixel as I hav
    11. @ajaxz Hi there, ... yes it was unclear, was thinking a pit. For a bump. This post is in the wrong section. See the hypertrophic scar section top of scar treatments sub. The Dr would inject with over dilute steriod to flatten the bump. Then they would use a laser for resurfacing. Another option they use instead is electro surgery and scrape it off. Look into silicone scar patches and wear them often to help with the bump. If it's a hypertrophic scar. If it's a cyst it must be excised. Look
    12. @HeavyRun Great, thanks for sharing. Look into PIcosure, picoway, etc... for PIE or v-beam vascular laser (redness).
    13. beautifulambition

      Advice on scars

      @Tunnelvision RF needling can help boxcars and rolling, but rolling also need sub and filler, but it helps some. I would always do manual methods first (before energy devices). But yes they do offer that in Germany so no need to get that elsewhere. It's the subcision that is hardest to find. We have had many Germans tell us this and goto Emil. Sadly often they have to be ethnic themselves to understand the skin type, ... but Emil does treat the ethnic skin type well.
    14. beautifulambition

      Seeking advice on scars

      @Tastee You can do it 3 months out. Just don't go too deeply .5mm to .75mm or hard on the skin, ... only on the scars, ... be aware of your skin healing capabilities, ... test it on one scar first. The skin is more fragile after Accutane and can take longer to heal. 24-hrs after needling you can use products. You heal for about a year after Accutane, 6 months is when they feel they can reasonably treat you. They take on liability by doing so. Everyone is different and their ability to heal.
    15. beautifulambition


      @RiverTheFever Picoway = picosure = picogenesis IF the doctor agrees you can do picosure sure, ... settings were offered above by Obiwan. Many Dr's won't do it though if your healing from Accutane (skin is more fragile for 6 months of healing), ... so see if they will, otherwise wait. The Dr has to take on the liability of your training, your in a healing stage, ... up to them.