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  1. @Perfectionist This topic is in the wrong section, it needs to be in hypertrophic scars sub. Laser's don't fix scars, they are just a tool. SEe a board certified DR ask for b&a pics, how many they have treated like you, and how they would treat, you can see a few. Typically steriod injections are needed. Coristone injections do work, ... they have to be strong enough and can take a few if weak. Your other options are excision or cutting them out. Laser combine with steriod. and various other
  2. Probably hematoma that will go away, see the Dr for follow up. You can massage it nightly. 20% is great and that's normal, this isn't a one and done thing ;-)
  3. @Lili72 Study the FAQ in the main scar treatments sub. The point is not the filler, it's your body healing.
  4. @Savills22 hi there. Textural boxcars, icepicks, some hypertorphic scars or active acne, hard to tell without seeing you. If you do have active acne please get that under control before you treat as you do not want to spread bacteria. Some redness or PIE. Sub + TCA Cross and rf needling & laser will help you, if you need more contact me by PM (See signature). See a few board certified Drs to consult, pick the best one you like... listed in the FAQ pinned in the main scar treatment forum.
  5. Anatomy 101 = Botox, see a board certified Dr to describe why that might work and the proper treatment for your condition. Yes you can do co2 to just a scar. Sounds like your mind is made up on excision, seek Dr's that do that if you wish, I wouldn't but up to you. Your picture does not show well a depression. Perhaps a better one is needed. Regardless see a board certified Derm, you pay them lots of money for their advice and treatment.
  6. There is some serious miss info here. Comparing Kansas to LA-NYC-FL for prices and price shopping. Rullan has been for the past several years Over 1000 for his package treatment. Can't remember $500 maybe in the early 2000's. For a deposit sure. I would not get laser with Rullan so that's cheaper (get laser for someone who specializes in that), ... why is anyone microneedling with a Dr in this day and age. Perhaps his costs went up because he got a new Erbium laser or the PRP
  7. Your going to need botox this is right over a major artery and muslce. Other than that subcision is needed if indented. Those raised borders are from muscle contraction, not the scar. Texture you chemical peel and co2 laser. Yes you can just treat a scar.
  8. You might have Rosacea. Goto a board certified derm to get that sorted out. You will need V-beam and potentially a topical. With Orange peel textural scarring that does not look deep your choices are resurfacing with a laser fully ablative resurfacing or chemical peels. One does not need to break out to get scarring there is sub dermal scarring, fungal acne, bacterial .. etc... Goto a derm and see what it might be.
  9. Yes you need subcision. You treated your scars basically backwards with treatments. Look at the FAQ pinned to the main scar treatments sub, bottom of that is Dr's find a few who are nearby you and consult with them. Laser is done at the end. Even 2 subcisions a year with some Chinese cupping is cheap. You need rf needlnig as well. Filler is expensive, note I said Chinese cupping (Amazon for a month post subcision - done daily) above. Worry about texture latter in treatment. You can do dermastamp
  10. @Fabri88 Your description concerns me, like someone is going to use oil on you and ruin your face. Please see a few other board certified derms or plastics and get a oppion first. I hope this person is not using Silicone with this, it would cause many side effects. That is not what the machine was made to do, so he could cause harm if not using HA.
  11. @Ndiarhe Sunscreen is for outdoors only. At home wear the Aquaphor or Vaseline. Observe. There may be ongoing hyperpigmentation but can't say until it heals more. Then you would use a lightening cream and retinoid. Let it heal. Mineral Makeup is fine. No harsh topicals.
  12. Yes follow his aftercare instructions. Am i supposed to massage my face to avoid lumps? - typically yes. Ask if you have any questions, as I did not inject it. 3 months is fine, ... That's 12 weeks. 10 is close enough. Observe, you know when to stop and when to go get more. Yes one month post is fine. You can Chinese Cup only to scars - spot treat... that are still atrophic 1 week post, don't go overly aggressive. If there is any complications stop immediately of course and d
  13. You can do Chinese cupping (amazon) if you need to instead of filler. Sure you can get subcision if you have filler, but of course do't do it if the skin looks good, ... only where there are areas that still need work. Filler can last 6 months to 2 years. Depending on the person, ... you thus get subcision if you have areas that need treatment, 3 months a part is a min recommendation. Basically if it's not broke don't fix it.
  14. @draace Hi there. I don't check the main sub often (See signature). You have active acne while your on Accutane - this takes time, PIE or redness post acne that can take up to a year to heal after Accutane. You will not be the same as you are then when you finish. Then you can consider treatments once you observe how you heal. This is natural to be dry and red right now. Speak to your Dr about a cream for the redness.
  15. No this would not work, ... the unit is not made to do this. Goto a Dr who can actually do fat injections.