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Cheek Acne Scars: Type/Treatment Options? (Photo)

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Hello everyone,


I’ve been a long time reader within the community but never really had the courage to post until now.  I was wondering if anyone could offer insight about the types of acne scars I have and treatment options? I know there are a lot of threads regarding this issue but I’ve recently been feeling a little overwhelmed with information and extra self-conscious about my scars so any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you! :smileys_n_people_115:

A little background info (not sure if relevant): 

1. I never really had any problems with acne as a teen minus the occasional breakout and hyperpigmentation. 

2. It wasn’t until I turned 20 that my face seemingly broke out overnight with painful cystic acne and gradually grew worse as time went by—main areas affected by it were cheeks and temples.

  • Tried the natural route (changing diet/natural products) but didn’t see much change
  • Saved up enough money to see a dermatologist who prescribed lots of creams/antibiotics that didn’t really help
  • I had a feeling it might be hormonal so I decided to do some research which led me to a forum on here about different types of birth control. Followed the advice, went on the pill, and my cystic acne was greatly reduced.

3. At 21, saw a new doctor at my school who suggested going on Accutane for what was left. I was a bit hesitant at first but decided it was worth a shot since I had exhausted all my other options. I did the 6-month course and my cystic acne went away leaving behind scars.

It's been two years since then (now 23) and I'm ready to take the next step. I’ve been doing some research on dermatologists who specialize in acne scars but there aren’t much in my area—except Dr. Rullan who is a couple of hours away by car but still manageable. Thoughts?



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@snapdragon Hi there surface boxcars, some rolling scars, and a few icepicks. No major fat loss.

Good goto Rullan

Do 3-4 sessions of subcision. For your scar type I would do a vial or 2 of over dilute sculptra throughout the cheek. You can spot treat with ha filler to the individual scars on the latter subcisions. 

TCA cross or Rullan calls it Phenol Cross to some of the icepicks and box cars. 3- 4 sessions


Rf needling, find a med spa near you and do this locally. 3-4 treatments. Or CO2 laser. Box cars are your  major scar type. (You can add the CO2 laser as a boost once you do your rf needling, ... it's optional).

A few TCA peels for texture when you raise things, ... Rullan does a great peel. 

Picosure or some sort of vascular laser for the redness aka PIE post acne. 


Treatment can take 3 years, space all treatments 3 months apart at least, everything is optional. 

Use Differin every night (target) and a cream of kojic acid and licorice. 

You can manually dermastamp your scars individually in between if you wish.


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On 12/27/2018 at 4:56 PM, snapdragon said:

Dr. Rullan who is a couple of hours away by car but still manageable. Thoughts?

So you're a noob, eh? Rullan is likely to be your best bet, but before you embark on the treatment bandwagon, which will likely cost you a arm and a leg, consider going the DIY route and see how your scars improve. I personally have been through a lot and most are not very good. I have belatedly found a goldmine in the power of TCA. Not the usual 35% crap. Anyway, TCA fixes not only icepicks and boxcars. It also flattens out rolling scars! Lasers, Infini, and even subcision haven't yielded anything close (as far as my naked eyes could tell).


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I would do punch excision on the bigger pits/ice pick scars....subcision does nothing just raises it then after swelling comes back down the same

Needling rf is a HUGE waste of money do not do it I did infini rf microneedling 2 times it does nothing

I would definitely do punch excision it leaves a line /linear scar which looks ten times much better and the doctor joins both sides of skin together

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Please stop misinforming people, subcision is highly effective, what you are saying is a load of bullshit. Why do you hang around here commenting this stuff, it is counterproductive and isn't helping anybody. Your anecdote can't compete with the countless studies completed proving the efficacy of subcision, and RF microneedling. Multiple treatments are needed. I was supposed to be taking a break from the forums but this wound me up... you aren't helping anyone or yourself. See a therapist. @tryinghard123

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