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Need help with Acnescars+chicken pock scars

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Hello there! So I would like to get some pointers, what treatments could effectivly help me treat my acne and chickenpock scarring. I suffered from Acne in my teens and got some degree of scarring as you can see. In addition I have quite a few chickenpock scars since I got them when I was 18 (now I*m 22 now) I don't have any active acne anymore, just the occasional pimple, but I do suffer from hyperpigmentation (which happens really quick for me).
To help with hyperpigmentation and to treat my scarring I do microneedling+microdermembrasion once a month (7month in). This definetely helped reduce hyperpigmentation, but I don*t feel it effect my deeper scars.

So my question to you:
What treatment/s would you recommend?
( Btw I have somewhat ethnic skin since I'm Eurasian and also I live in Germany so if you know any dermatologist you would recommend please let me know)

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@saySam Chicken pox scars are very hard to treat. Some do excisions for this or punch elevations. For this cannular subicison multiple sessions and Filler is very effective.

Tiny bleph of filler can be inject and push down under the scar but this is a dangerous area to inject and thin..Your best bets here are multi-sub. chinese cupping, and rf needling several sessions.

If you need more Laser can smooth out the sharp transition/ scar border - like Angled CO2 to the border.

All this is optional, I would look at the FAQ list or find a local subcision Dr to start and see how you heal. Wait 3 months between all treatments.


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