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Is tca cross ok on accutane?

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I am currently in the process of doing tca cross as well as low density co2 laser for my acne scars. I have pretty much all ice pick scars and I am Caucasian. I have been breaking out recently and due to the obvious fact of not wanting any more scars I was thinking about going back on Accutane. I went on Accutane about 3 years ago and it completely cleared my skin. If I were to go back on it I would probally do a lower dose, maybe 10-20mg a day because my acne isn't that bad. I'm a 5-11 185 pound male. Is there really any truth to Accutane causing problems with scar treatments? I saw one of dr lims vidoes recenetly and he kind of killed the notion and said that it is safe to do tca cross while on Accutane, is there any truth to this? 

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@HugeSoil While treatment under a Dr such as Dr Lim one might do TCA Cross he has liability and responsibility for your treatment and care. Doing otherwise at home or a unexpereinced Dr "could" be ill advised. It's another complexity to thin healing skin from Accutane. We all heal differently. That being said if the practitioner is ok with treating you and experienced sure go get some tca cross. You are on low dose at 20mg so you can start and stop at any time. Stop 1-2 weeks before and allow a week or 1-2 after treatment. Everyone is different with the effects of tane and how they heal. some have destroyed skin while on tane and sensitivities that need to heal prior to other treatments. 

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