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I need some help/advice on my cheek scars

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Hi all,

Ok so I've been struggling to find a fix for these scars from deep seeded acne I had as a teen about 10 years ago. Strangely the scars are only on 1 of my cheeks.

I have not sought any professional treatment for them as of yet. I have however tried to do a few things myself. Such as needling and using MUAC TCA 18%. I had some okay success the first time with TCA however the second time I used it (on only the scar on the left side of the photo closest to my ear) it has made my scar very dark even after it peeled. It has been about 10 days and the peeling process seems to be complete however the hyper-pigmentation on the scar is very dark and the scar is far more noticeable. Do I need to do another TCA treatment to bring the hyper-pigmentation properly to the surface? I also did needling a day after the TCA on the same scar. 

I want to find a solution to fix these scars and will look to book an appointment with a Dr asap as it seems the things I have tried are making it worse! Please let me know your thoughts and also a good Dr in Sydney that would be able to help. Thanks Guys.

Cheek1.jpg.7c2dcbae3d72305be680602c19792892.jpgt Cheek2.jpg.efcdf21b457c8aebf68e258f5767c920.jpgcheek3.jpg.004b4b15290b399722a46ae3cd0ec161.jpg

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I would not peel over a area that is healing and or PIH - hyperpigmentation. Have you tried nightly retin-a/tretinorin and a konjac and arbutin cream for cell turnover?

Perhaps it's best to see a professional at this point. There is Darlinghurst Dermatology and Dr Adrian Lim at U-Republic. Dr Lim is great as you know but in Braibane so a plane ride away.

I would do subcision for your scars with filler (3-4 treatments spaced out). 

Also Rf needling or CO2 3-7% low density with the highest power (3 treatments).

It looks like rolling scars and some box cars.

I would space everything 3 months apart, treat as you have time and money. I beleive subcision/rfneedling/co2 and acne scars are covered under your medicare, Lim can bill that way.


Scar work is not a instant thing, treat as you have time and money, many treat over 3 years, space all your treatments 3 months apart, it's a marathon not a race, everything is optional. I would look for subcision and filler most from any provider. 

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