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what type of scars do I have? (pics included) Vancouver.

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Hello everyone,

This summer I had a battle with acne and am now left with scarring. I no longer want to leave the house or look in the mirror. Every time I wash my face I end up in tears. Its time to tackle this.

I have been using a mild cleanser, ziana(tentonin 0.025% and clyndamycin 1.2%), and marula oil. I also have started to use 10% lactic acid weekly to help with hyper pigmentation. 

I am having troubles identifying what types of scaring I have. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also I am in Vancouver Canada. If anyone knows any specialist in the area please let me know. 

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There are your pictures. They were missing before. Thanks for editing. 

 I do not know someone in Vancouver unfortunately. I am often contacted and told how hard treatment is in Canada. It's all pay in aesthetics clinics, ... no one is a real scar specialist. They are heavily laser treatments. That's ok, search for someone to do these treatments or travel for care.

The biggest issue for me about your scars is the red or PIE. This really makes them stand out. I would find v-beam or vascular laser and get this to blend with your existing skin color. This is wounding post acne. 

You seem to have a combo of some surface rolling scars, icepicks, and a few box cars. Please be careful with oils, ... many break out "fungal acne" or hormonal acne where the drug Spiro is used. Get this under control or we will be chasing more issues.

You could do a few sessions of TCA cross to the icepicks and paint on or spot peels inside the box cars. 

Your scarring is not that bad volume wise (just the red PIE). You could get away with buying a derminator and trying several sessions of dermastamping at home and a few glycolic peels. Good try this for a bit "10% lactic acid weekly to help with hyper pigmentation" see how you do.

Ematrix or fractional RF also helps fresh scars and or rf microneedling like infini or intracel which many spas have in Canada.

If you need to bump it up do TCA peels or have laser resurfacing. Many of your scars are monomorphic aka on the same plane. So resurfacing will help a lot. 

Everything is optional, stop at any time. Treat when you have time and money. Allow time to heal between treatments. Your biggest issue is fresh PIE wounds and evening out the skin color will help alot. 


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Window of treatments here. As BA pointed out PIE= early scars. You do have many options, but if I could suggest a cost effect low downtime, low risk - high gain combination is with V BEAM vascular for redness and early scars, plus eMatrix 80+ mj with 64 pin. Once they mature, its down the road of more invasive treatments. If you are stuck in Canada, try Dr Michelle Green in NYC, she has a good reputation for early mild scarring using the above treatments. You still have outbreaks, try to get these under absolute control . Wish you well .

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