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Help with severe scar treatments

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Hi everyone, 

Back story to my scars, I was in high school when my friend recommended an acne facial. My acne wasn't bad, and I'm not a skin picker. The person who did my facial was a cosmetologist at a beauty salon. Being a clueless high schooler. I let her extracted my acne WITH  A DRAWING KNIFE. We continued treatments for 4 months with promises that my skin would be smooth and acne free. It left so many disgusing scars on my face. Besides from that, I have oily skin and large pores genetically, which adds to the bad texture. Looking back now, I felt super stupid because I paid over 800$ for these scars. If anyone can suggest treatment methods for these scars, I would be super grateful. I don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed. I'm afraid that I would make another mistake and make my face worse. Thanks for reading. Here's my face under my workplace's bright light: 


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I see lots of icepicks and some boxcars. 

I think a lot of tca cross and spot peel or paint on work (acid is placed on the scarbed of the boxcar) needs to be done. Several sessions.

Fraxel repair has been used for large pores and or texture or co2 3-7% density and the highest power multi-pass. 

Infini RF or rf miconeedling is another option that shrinks pores and works on box cars.

Some have had good sucess with "skin boosters" superficial injections or meso for texture. 

For the discoloration you can do picosure and or v-beam vascular laser. 

Treat as you have time and money. 

Some microneedle (derminator) at home in between treatments and do glycolic peels.

Everything is optional. Heal for 3 months between Dr's treatments. 

Retin-a/tretinorin/differin is a great nightly cream as well. 

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