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Hey guys. I had my breaking point with my skin around 10 days ago where I had a total melt down when looking in the mirror. I went off to the doctor who rxed me 10mg of Roaccutane. I’ve had a crazy IB, my skin is actually swollen, red and full of sore cystic acne. Does anyone have any positive stories of how long the ib took to disappear? Feeling like this is making me Look so much worse. 

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IB can vary person to person. Its part of the Accutane Journey and its expected.

For me personally i believe it lasted 2-4 weeks. Some people also experience another (usually smaller IB) if there dosage of accutane is upped throughout their course. 

Again, this is part of the process, and accutane doesnt work overnight. It usually takes between 3-5 months to see results for most people. 

What is more important is you keep track of any other 'abonormal' side effects the drug may be causing you as everyone can respond differently. Monitor yourself closely and report anything abnormal back to your derm and/or doctor.

Good luck!

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For me, it's day 26 and I'm on 60mg each day. My skin is on par with what it was before I was taking it. Other than some dryness it it, my lips too, it's like I'm not on anything.

I don't have cystic acne anymore (that somehow went away over a year ago whilst not on anything) but my acne is constant and persistent. Currently, my chin and jawline are covered, with scarring as well.

I don't know if this is just a continuation of before or if it's part of the breakout. It's annoying and ugly either way!

BUT... it is only day 26. I'm right at the start. I have to keep telling myself that!! My second appointment is at the beginning of September (eight weeks after the first). Hopefully there will be some improvement by then and if so, then I can say that this period is part of the initial breakout.  

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