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Acne and masturbation link (solved)

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Hello all,

The purpose of writing this is to share with everyone my journey from suffering with acne, to fixing the issue. I spent a lot of my time writing this and I do so for no money. Simply to help people who are desperate, angry and bitter about this situation. The cause of my acne was ejaculation and I went from perfect flawless skin to severe acne all over my jaw, temples and neck. It had a massive effect on my relationship (6 years now) and have been one of the biggest challenges I've faced in my life!!!
I've finally cracked the solution after countless hours researching as well as trial & error.


  • Psychological 
    • I went from a good looking 7.5 out of 10 to a 4.5 out of 10 (in my eyes)
    • self esteem dropped like a brick
    • I no longer wanted to go out
  • Relationship 
    • I no longer wanted to have sex with my girlfriend and this had a massive strain on our relationship. 

Journey to fixing the problem
I tried almost everything and nothing really worked. The best thing that worked was not ejaculating for 2 weeks.

Solution to all this madness
I realised that the root of the problem isn't externally but internally. No matter how expensive the creams/face wash, it only adds a plaster to the big problem - not a permanent fix. Therefore I decided to look within and see what problems I had.

I'm not sure if there is a one stop solution for all this and feel that it is a combination of multiple things. Just know that this worked for me and took around 2 months to get to a nice level where I can ejaculate twice per day - WHOOP! I've been acne free for a good 5 months now! :D
If you were like me and suffer from this, you are probably at your knees and probably about to do something stupid (taking roaccutane - messes up your gut health and no guarantee on how long you will be acne free for). These solutions below are not to be overlooked and I recommend you to incorporate the plan for a minimum of 2 months.

part 1 of the solution - vegan diet
I went from a heavy meat eater for 25 years of my life to being vegan. Turning vegan wasn't just for the acne, but I won't bore you with the other things. Dairy was the main culprit for acne breakouts! noticeable differences should be seen within 

part 2 of the solution - gut health
I took a lot of probiotics and spent good money into buying the 'best' one. Turns out the most effective one for me was kim chi. Take a look at those korean people (kim chi is their staple) and you will see their skin glowing like a full moon. I ate kim chi (small handful) everyday for 1 month what a difference!!!! 
Tons of videos can be seen on youtube for the benefits of good gut health and how it correlates to skin and health. 
Once you're consistently loading your gut with good bacteria, you gotta feed it with probiotics (fibre - beans and veg for me). 

part 3 of the solution - unhealthy food
Foods in high salt and high sugar is a big no no. Think about it, do you want to have a nice 20 min meal, but be left with 24 hours of sh!t skin? Just cut it out for 6 days a week and have 1 cheat day of eating anything. Stay strong and disciplined!
You can see on youtube about why high salt and high sugar eating affects your skin.

part 4 of the solution - regular exercise that breaks out a sweat

part 5 of the solution - skin routine
I wash my face briefly everyday at night and in the morning with water only. After this I use a gentle and light moisturiser - origins ginzing energy boosting gel moisturizer. 
twice per week I will detox my skin using my cleanser and clarisonic type machine. The cleanser is vegan, has lots of natural ingredients and contains salicylic acid (although it doesn't say on the amazon page). 
I bought a cheap clarionic type machine to test it out, but it works very well!

This is the end to the first post I've ever written in my life! You may not agree with what I wrote, but if I can help one person out of this hellhole with my method, then I've done my good deed for the day. 

Happy ejaculating ! :D
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First, are you talking about plain kimchi or spicy kimchi? Because for some spicy foods aggravate their acne. What probably worked for you was probiotics as ut helos heal leaky gut and help regular bowel movement. If your someone with wet poop and dont poop a solid poop you most likely have a instetinal issue. 
Second, most of the reasons you put are valid and nutrition and exercise helps. Although Id disagree with the vegan diet because there are alot of people that go vegan and their main source of protein is soy such as tofu where soy is one cause in outbreak to other people. For people who are meat eaters Id reccomend you cuttung red meat and eating white meat like fresh chicken breasts as it contain 69g of protein per pound no fats, no cholestrol pretty much the safest of meat foods.
Third, the cleanser you reccomended doesnt day whether its comedogenic or not and a product with alot of essential oils dont work well for thise with acne infact in may clog pores for thise with oily skin. It also doesnt matter if it says BHA because any of those facewash with acne medications dont work as its only on your face fir 30 seconds.
Overall, good job getting yourself clear.

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