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Lost and Need Help (pics)

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I have been dealing with highly aggressive acne for almost as long as I can remember and now have thick white hypertropic scars (at least from what I read). My doctor says they are borderline permanent. I was wondering if there are any methods out there that could help flatten and re-color these area of my skin. Thinking of starting with silicone sheets and Melgain Lotion. Is this a good place to start? What would you do in my shoes?

(Already read options for treatment, just don't know where to start :/ )




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Unfortunately this is the hardest acne scar issue to treat. This is nothing that great out there. See the mega post "scarless-healing" in acne scar sub. you will see many have body acne scars. They are holding out for SkinTe to get ""some"" improvement. The process is they cut all the scars out and put a paste which gives some improvement again there is margin and textural irregularity. The product has not been perfected and it might never be for cosmetic applications, ... original intent is burn scars.

Another off label treatment is co2 and stem cells but is controversial and only a percentage of % while being $,$$$-$$,$$$ see youtube.

A expert in this field is Dr Jill Weibel (sp) see the faq- top post acne scar sub for contact info in Florida, she specializes in burn scars and laser.

You can get CO2 and dilute steriod injections for these but this works most on leveling things out and less on the textural irregularity. The body is not like the face. Some get tattoos to cover them but then it would be all over your body or they have medical tattooing with skin pigment w/ aprox color match. Texture is still there if you look at the pictures, just a bit more hidden. Some use Latiesse which is to grow eyebrows off label and microneedling for some pigment once they level the scars out with a % of improvement. Other Drs do chryo therapy where they treat teach scar.


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