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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to see if anyone could give me some feedback on my skin. I don’t have access to a dermatologist so decided this may be a good option. 

For it a little history I’m in my mid 20s, had pretty bad skin as a teenager and was on accurate and my skin was perfect. For the past few years I have struggled with tiny little bumps on my forehead that are focuses on my temples. They aren’t too noticeable but under harsher light and sunlight and especially from a side angle they are very evident and I’m really self conscious about It. I have done research and tried to make lifestyle changes accordingly, I.e: regularly changing pillow case, using a good shampoo/conditioner, limiting dairy and sugars, etc. 

I know it’s not acne, I do of course get some occasional pimples but these will not go away! After reading other posts I think it could be the fungal infection..I have tried Nizoral, but not very consistently. I can’t really tell if it helps or not nor do I do know how frequently per week, how long I should leave it on my skin for skin if I lather before I applying it.  Anytime I use it, I don’t have any reaction which is good. I have also tried using AHAs a per recommendation but I can’t say that has helped either. I feel between the two nizoral hasbeen better. 
Just wondering if if anyone has some feedback on what worked for them! I have attached some pictures (it’s not the best quality), this was just after washing my face - I have a lot of redness too so any help on that will be great too!




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Hey, my forehead was similar to yours, covered in small skin coloured bumps, I think I got mine due to using acv as a toner, so try and see if anything from your skin care regimen is triggering it? Also I used Zineryt (topical antibtioic) which helped reduce them within 2/3 days after months of trying to get rid of them

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These bumps on the forehead are usually caused by oily food, sugar and dairy. Just cut this out and the bump formations will lower.
Also for skincare, use some tea tree/BP/sulphur for spot treatment on the small bumps.

Hope any of this helped :)

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