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I have a red/pink mark from a cystic pimple above my lip which resolved about 3 months ago.  The color of the "scar", or PIE as I think it is, is about the same color as my lip.  There is a small indented scar near where the center of the pimple used to be, but I'm most concerned about the redness surrounding that area, which is quite visible in some lighting, especially when I am smiling.

I have been reading a ton online about PIE and options for treatment, and I'm expecting that this will improve over time.  However I also wan to consider pulsed dye laser to resolve the redness.  However my dermatologist says that the laser would be too risky near my lip as it could burn or change the color of my lip.  This surprised me as I didn't think the laser could burn the skin at all.  I'm going to get a second doctor's opinion anyway as my dermatologist kept referring to "pigment" in my skin although the redness is entirely blanchable, which makes me think it is the result of capillaries formed during the inflammation.  

Has anyone had experience using lasers for PIE on or near the lip?  Or any other advice?  Thanks!

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.03.12 PM.png

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HE is right, there is much vascularity there. Veins all over and what do you think the red of the lips is caused by.

Steriod cream may be the best in your case.  Sclerotherapy is too excessive here but does not use energy. I am surprised they did not try a less harsh vascular laser. Consult a second opinion by a specialist concerning laser. 

You could also try a bleaching cream and retin a if it's the latter but laser is most effective.

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I guess that makes sense as I wouldn't want my lips to lose their pink color.  Thanks for the suggestions.  I will try a steroid cream for now and also find a second dermatologist

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