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How to avoid being super pale while dealing with acne

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So I have pretty light skin, and I normally dealt with this by going to the beach every once in a while, just so I wasn't pale as a ghost, and I really enjoy surfing so its not like it was a chore. But recently, I have started Treinoin(basically Retin-A) and I was specifically told to avoid the sun because my skin would be very sensitive for the next few months. Is there any possible way for me to not be EXTREMELY pale during the next few months? It just adds to self confidence issues, as in social situations if I ever blush or anything like that my face turns a tomato red because I am so pale, along with the fact that Tretinoin makes your face red in general for the first few months. Any  help is appreciated!

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I’m extremely pale myself but have just learned to accept it. It’s incredibly important to try and avoid the sun while using that medication since your skin is renewing itself and quite thin because of it. In reality, you should be protecting your skin from the sun anyway. You also don’t want to cause further inflammation! 

If you feel really self conscious about it, I’m pretty sure there are tanning products out there that can be specifically used for the face. If your not comfortable with that, there’s always a tinted moisturiser, light B.B creams or concealers/ foundations that can assist in covering that. If you aren’t interested in using those type products, maybe you could invest in a bronzer to bronze up your face a bit and give a bit of colour. Just make sure you properly remove those products at the end of the day. 

Dr Jart has a product that you might be interested in being the Dr Jart + Cicapair Re - Cover SPF30. I haven’t used this personally but have heard some great things. 

Please know that there’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about having pale skin! 


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I have extremely pale skin too. I wouldn't worry about it.  Like the poster above said, there is nothing wrong with it!  To keep me from looking washed out, I do make sure I apply blush every day though.

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