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I wish to share my experience whilst the going is good

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Hello everyone. I want to share all of my experience with you of this horrible condition and hope it helps at least 1 of you who reads this post.
My acne only really stared when i became aware of it. It must have always been there but i never paid attention to it. But it seemed kicked off in my mid 20s after a stressful bout at work. But also poor dental hygeine at the time. It was only when I started to touch and obsess with the skin that it became a problem. Popping the pimples, picking the scars, you all know how it is. I couldnt stop. It got very bad and i tried many treatments. None worked only gave false hope and confused immune system.
I have found the solution to my own body now and I want to share it with you. I realised when i go on holiday it clears within a day or 2. Then it comes back. Its even harder to face because I was just free of it. So what was i doing on holiday different to home? Sweating. What was i sweating? Good food lots of water. Ok so lets start making myself sweat good stuff when i get home. Clean out from the inside.  Lets try eat better. Lets try relax. Lets let go. Lets let the body do what it needs to do and not interfere, but aid it by shedding the toxins causing, and created by the acne process. Everybody has their own answer within them. But perhaps from this you can take that cleaning from the inside out is the way to go. Sweat good stuff and leave that sweat alone, let it sting you. But dry it in fresh air. Use aloe vera gel (pure). I have a lot more personal advice i can offer. In addition I have a science based batchelors degree and am happy to discuss this topic more with anyone. Good luck all and dont give up!

ps. One phrase i say to myself over and over if I have feel the early stages.... Dont look, dont touch,   dont look, dont touch, dont look, dont touch.......................

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I feel like this has some truth... I always noticed after a hockey game when a player gives an interview that their skin is flawless and I also noticed they're sweating a LOT. So I wondered if the physical exertion helped with skin issues. I also have a degree in nutritional science and and 100% believe what we put in our bodies has an effect on how our skin behaves as our skin eliminates toxins through our pores. 

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